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All OMRON products are capitalized in this manual. The word .. purpose and a comparison between the CQM1H and the CQM1. Section 2. 1. V4+. Voltage pin, input 4. 2. V Common pin, input 4. 3. V3+. Voltage pin, input 3. 4. V Common pin, input 3. 5. V2+. Voltage pin, input 2. 6. V Common . View and Download Omron CQM1 operation manual online. Programmable Controllers. CQM1 Controller pdf manual download. Also for: Sysmac cqm1.

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When there is no item to set, set C7 into the output word and then use as the write data. If the ERR indicator is still lit, the Unit needs repairs. Section Commands and Responses Response If the correct command code is set to the output word, the command code or parameter is set to the input word as a response. Input the new value for the leftmost word on the display and press the CHG Key if more changes will be made.

OK reading only OK reading only Be sure to change function code assignments before inputting the program. The input process time varies with the timing hold currently selected.

The operation can be used during decimal-without-sign monitoring.

Programming Mznual Operations Section 2. Error Priority The error code with the highest priority will be set then more than one error occurs at the same time. The data can be altered with this function. It is possible in any mode. Words in the DM area cannot be accessed bit by bit.


Omron CQM1 Operation Manual

Note When the mode selector is set to SET, the operation indicator and stability operation indicator are used to monitor teaching. The input word has flags for comparison results, overrange detection, and sensor disconnection detection as shown below.

The wire used should be at least 2 mm. Nomenclature And Settings Nomenclature The sensing distances of the Mqnual with slits are as follows: To put the Temperature Control Unit into expansion mode, change the jumper pin on the side of the Unit from 2 and 3 to 1 and 2.

The Up Flag of Timer 5 turns ON ms later and the conversion data cmq1 input 1, which is stored in wordwill be transferred to DM Bit 15 of the input address is allocated as follows, according to the DIP switch input mode setting. The following is an example of a program that converts data in a range of to 0FFF to data in a range of to 07FF.

Specifications 40 s Control period 20 s Sampling period Cqm refresh period Current consumption mA max. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Revision History A manual revision code appears as a suffix to the catalog number on the front cover maual the manual. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. An operation control command must be executed to start actual opera- tion. Page Glossary data link An automatic data transmission operation that allows PCs or Units within PC to pass data back and forth via common data areas.


Applicable Connectors Use the following products or equivalents for the connector on the cable side. The por- tion from the tip up to the insertion marks should be inserted into the E3X- MA Words SR to SR cannot be changed.


Any Slave turned on after the Master is turned on will not be recognized by the Mas- ter. Page 32 DARD OFF if this error occurs. When a transmission error occurs, the input bits are processed according to the transmission error processing setting: Improper operating environments can lead to malfunction, failure, and other unforeseeable problems with the PC System.

Nomenclature Lit when there is a transmission error.

Comparison Refer to Set Value Teaching for the method to obtain the set values from the teaching operation. Control Unit to the other Mmanual of the PC. Page Glossary instruction A direction given in the program that tells the PC of the action to be carried out, and the data to be used in carrying out the action. CMP 20 Set point reception checked. Forced-zero Shift Section Forced-zero Shift 2.


The buzzer will stop beeping when the It cannot be used for a 4-point Slave. Bit 00 is the rightmost least-significant bit; Not lit when set vqm1 2 words 32 points.

Handle the opti- cal fiber cables with care because they are thin.