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Toxicon. ;20(6) Envenomation by the Mexican lance-headed rattlesnake Crotalus polystictus: a case report. Hardy DL. A case of envenomation by. PDF | On Sep 30, , Rubén Alonso Carbajal Márquez and others published Crotalus polystictus. Diet. Genus: Crotalus. Species: polystictus. Common Names Mexican Lance-headed Rattlesnake, Mexican Lancehead Rattlesnake. Local Names Chiauhcoatl.

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Open circles, females; filled circles, males. The herpetofauna of Jalisco, Mexico: We tested whether relative frequencies of prey species consumed were independent between males and females using a chi-squared test.

Head is large, broad but relatively slender or elongate for genus and very distinct from narrow neck. Accessed 13 September The bitten limb should be immobilised as effectively as possible using an extemporised splint or sling; if available, crepe bandaging of the splinted limb is an effective form of immobilisation. Snake species of the world.

Envenomation by the Mexican lance-headed rattlesnake Crotalus polystictus: a case report.

Local Effects Marked local effects; pain, severe swelling, bruising, blistering, necrosis. Prey items were identified to the greatest resolution possible using morphological characters of prey remnants e. Wikispecies has information related to Crotalus polystictus. Mass estimates were specific to our study site, and based on live individuals of prey species and from intact prey items regurgitated by snakes.

We tested for sexual dimorphism in relative head size using analysis of covariance ANCOVAwith head size CS as the dependent variable, sex as the independent variable, and log 10 body size SVL — head length as the covariate. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.


Crotallus data file of all landmark configurations has been deposited in the Dryad repository: Natricinaewith description of a new species.

By contrast, our data did not provide clear evidence of allometry in head shape of females.

Instead, males and females differed in the proportions of secondary prey species consumed: Pertinent to the present study, we also measured head length rostral polystitus to angle of the jaw and snout—vent length SVL sensu Setser Taxonomic studies on rattlesnakes of Mainland Mexico. In the present study, we describe variation and sexual dimorphism of head form i.

Can you confirm these amateur observations of Crotalus polystictus? Finally, we calculated Renkonen Index percentage overlap in male and female diets Krebs, to estimate the magnitude of dietary divergence between sexes. Wallach, Van; Kenneth L. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Moreover, a narrow head may assist in extracting and swallowing dead, or nestling, prey from within highly confined spaces.

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. This page was last edited on 14 Mayat Mexikanische Lanzenkopf-Klapperschlange, Crotalus polystictusFamilie: Latest Most Read Most Cited Does the shape of forelimb long bones co-vary with grasping behaviour in strepsirrhine primates? Predatory strikes in tunnels likely present different physical challenges than are encountered by surface-hunting rattlesnakes.

Snakes have kinetic skulls that allow them to manipulate and ingest large prey items. Sexual dimorphism of phenotypic traits associated with resource use is common in animals, and may result from niche divergence between sexes.

Crotalus polystictus

If the file has been modified from its xrotalus state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.


This manuscript was improved by comments from J. The Book of Snakes. The herpetofauna of Puebla, Mexico: Contiguo a la plaza de deportes, Dulce Nombre de Coronado. Tweet Please submit feedback about this entry to the curator. Relationship between the centroid size a measure of head size of geometric configurations of head morphology and body length [snout—vent length — head length mm ] for male and female Crotalus polystictus.

Shallow phylogeographic structure in the declining Mexican Lance-headed Rattlesnake, Crotalus polystictus Serpentes: However, we cannot access every published paper of potential relevance, either because they are not available to us or are in a language we cannot translate internally. First aid for bites by Viperid snakes likely to cause significant local injury at the bite site see listing in Comments section.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Crotalus polystictus COPE, We excluded neonates because of the comparatively poor resolution of head features from photographs, low sample sizes, and risks associated with prolonged exposure to anaesthesia in small snakes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Klauber reported female-biased dimorphism of head size in Crotalus cerastesthe only rattlesnake known to show female-biased SSD Klauber, The following should also be noted when reading information contained within the databases on this website: Herpetological Review 47 2: This result is consistent with the GM approach using deformation grids, which showed shifts in landmark configurations in crotlaus male head shape relative to mean female head shape Fig.