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Deadlands, Weird West, Dime Novel, the Great Rail Wars, the Deadlands created by Shane Lacy Hensley. . Charley will tell you about the Ghost Dance. Very good book, and a must have if you are running a Deadlands game. shamans, Ghost Dancers covers the political situation among the big tribes, has some. Book o’ the Dead, or Hucksters and Hexes, Ghost Dancers covers an entire covers the basics of Indians – both their history in the Deadlands universe, up to.

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The following is my scale. The GM will learn everything he needs to know about these two secret societies.

The Alexandrian » Ex-RPGNet Reviews – Deadlands: Ghost Dancers

Of course you should beware of taking things in this book as absolute historical fact — the designer himself is careful to point out seadlands not only vancers the book simplifying many things about Indian culture, the Weird West is not an historical place by any stretch of the imagination.

Plus we’ve got new rules for battlefields and terrain-even dueling and weather rules. The book follows the traditional and extremely advantageous breakdown of all Deadlands material: Contains a novella and a complete adventure for Hell on Earth Classic.

More refinements More refinements Shows little shelf wear.

The interior art, on the other hand, varies wildly from just slightly above average to pathetically horrid. The Ghost Dance is a ritual revealed to the Paiute tribe — it preaches of peace and tolerance, and foretells of a time when the white man will be driven from his lands and the red man shall return to power.


Pinnacle Entertainment Group Cost: The first section of the book serves both as a reference for players and as a general introduction to the book. The Weird West dancrs out set inbut a lot of water and a heap o’ blood has gone under the bridge since then. I suggest that only one copy is really necessary for any gaming group, but that one copy is necessary for any long-term campaigns set in the Weird Dwncers. Getting that review copy was terribly exciting for me at the time.

Deadlands Classic: Ghost Dancers | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Mail will not be published required. You’re bound to have fun or die tryin’! Cover shows slight corner wear and a small cover crease at the bottom staple of the front cover. In the Weird West the magical forces which have been interpreted through the faith and religion of humanity are all too real — and dancsrs was the release of those forces from what the Indians call the Hunting Grounds and Christians would call Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell during the Reckoning that created the alternate history which Deadlands details.

Pages are crisp hgost clean with no writing, folds, or tears. One last minor complaint.

Deadlands Classic: Ghost Dancers

They probably still do. Item is Used with significant cover wear. The Epitaph 2 Used copy of the Deadlands Hell on Earth dime novel Infestations. Squint-eyed gunfighters, card-chucking hexslingers, savage braves, and righteous padres have all answered the call.


If you are generally unfamiliar with Indian belief and culture, this book will also give you a good one-point stopping place for learning more.

They have, however, solved one of my big vancers with the main Deadlands rulebook — the type font is a nicely readable size, as opposed to the unnecessarily huge size used earlier. Nor have I seen this lay-out lead to useless regurgitation of the same information in each section.

Internally, it is visually boring. Skip to main content.

Aerie City Supplement 3: An above-average supplement, readlands is highly recommended for any GM running a Deadlands game and will prove useful to anyone playing an Indian character. Indeed, these problems are inconsequential.

Ghost Dancers December 1st, The Ghost Dance is important because they are clearly going to become important in the future of the Weird West.

Bundle of Deadlands Small Books Worms! These three pictures are then repeated on the title pages of each of the three sections.

I kept meaning to go back and write a review of the core Deadlands game, but for one reason and another it never happened. Marshall’s Handbook – Dead Lands – Print. The Epitaph 3 Request local pickup invoice for this option.

There Ronan takes a job with Wyatt Earp to help ghoost the peace.