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Chapter 4. Required files under the debian directory. Table of Contents. Chapter 6. Building the package. Table of Contents. Complete (re)build. dh_installdeb(1) automatically flags any files under the /etc directory as conffiles, with the exception of d which follows the format of crontab(5).

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Debian — Details of package maint-guide in sid

Section and priority are used by front-ends like aptitude when they sort packages and select debain. The package management tools usually behave the same way when dealing with these relations; if not, it will be explained.

Debian New Maintainers’ Guide. This document was made using these two documents as examples: It uses fairly non-technical language, and it’s well covered with working examples. These patches xebian other package data which are all contained under the debian directory are packaged as the debian.

Package: maint-guide (1.2.42)

If you do this, you have to:. Package name and version.

Now try to compile and run your program, to make sure it works properly and maint-guids break something else while it’s installing or running. Once you are finished with your tuning, remember to rebuild following the proper procedure. You cannot impose on others what to do.


Others include dpatchdbsand cdbs. In such cases, you need to create them with an editor. The most important of them are controlchangelogcopyrightand ruleswhich are required for all packages.

Most of them come with filenames suffixed by. All the steps will be explained. The watch file configures the uscan program in the devscripts package to watch the site where you originally got the source.

Column 1 of each line should be empty. This chapter will provide an overview of what each of these does and its format. In practice, sid may be experiencing issues which makes it undesirable for you to migrate your whole system. It generates a list of a dependencies on perl or perlapi for each binary debizn.

Any debhelper configuration files without a package prefix, such as installapply to the first binary package. This document unfortunately doesn’t include comprehensive information about adopting packages. The program should be well documented and its code needs to be understandable i. Uploading to the Debian archive 9. If your package is a daemon that needs to be run at system start-up, you’ve obviously disregarded my initial recommendation, haven’t you?


The compat file defines the debhelper compatibility level. Initial non-native Debian package. If you have specific questions later, I would suggest re-reading the documents mentioned above. Sometimes there’s even a make uninstall which can be used to remove all the installed files. The final manual page file name should give the name of the program it is documenting, so we will rename it from manpage to gentoo.

It is partly generated from the changelog file and the. It may seem like heavy going now, but later on you’ll be very glad you read it.

If your init script has certain configurable features, you can set them in the package. The extraction procedure is trivial: