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Development of Underdevelopment or Underdevelopment of Development in China. ANDRE GUNDER FRANK. University of East Anglia. These comments are . The Development of Underdevelopment Andre Gunder Frank. Abstract. We cannot hope to formulate adequate development theory and. Frank, Andre Gunder (a) World Accumulation, New York: ( ) “The sociology of development and the underdevelopment of sociology.

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His viewpoint on the possibility of autonomous develop- ment in the South changed correspondingly. His last major article, “East and West”, appeared in the volume: Throughout the s and early s Frank taught at American universities.

He gave countless lectures and seminars at dozens underddevelopment universities and other institutions all around the world in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Dutch. Some of his past research has been on Latin American theories of development and underdevelop- ment.

He first taught at the University of Brasilia. He seemed to take great satisfaction from the influence of his work, as he carefully recorded all references to it, including the criticisms.

Andre Gunder Frank

His writings were an encouragement to all those who wanted to transform the world, and his oeuvre will continue to inspire many generations to come. Frank never wavered in his ethical and political commitment to social justice and human rights.

He always spoke his mind and had a direct and honest manner in dealing with people which did oof endear him to all. His current research centres on rural poverty in Latin Guneer.


Andre Gunder Frank and Professor David Landesauthor of Fraank Wealth and Poverty of Nationsare noted for having come to very different conclusions about the long view significance of ginder developments in “the West” during the modern era and publicly debated their findings in at Northeastern University.

Many of these social movements are more defensive than offensive. Frank was at his best when criticizing received wisdom and orthodox theories. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

His second andrr was sociologist Nancy Howell, a friend for forty years: While at school and university in the USA he called himself Andrew and I only recently discovered that his first name was originally Andreas. By his views on the new social movements had become more appreciative, although he still pointed out their limitations.

See, for example, Laclau and Marini Thus many of the critiques of dependency theory in the Anglo-Saxon world were actually misplaced.

Where is the action today? Marta Fuentes, his companion until her premature death inwas certainly familiar with all his writings and Frank valued her opinion. Indeed Frank can be considered as the world system theorist par excellence given his many writings on world accumulation. In one of his last essays, [3] Frank made arguments about the looming global economic crisis of Milton Friedman and Arnold Harberger, key figures of monetarism frnk neoliber- alism, were at Chicago University and helped shape their thinking and support their policies in Chile.


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Andre Gunder Frank – Wikipedia

Denemark eds The Underdevelopment of Development: Five Hundred Years or Five Thousand. Essays on Dependence and Reformism.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He had a fertile, incisive and critical mind.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In total his output numbered over publica- tions in thirty languages, including dozens of books, over chapters in books and hundreds of articles. Frank also insisted that the idea of numerous “world-systems” did not make much sense indeed, if there are many “world-systems” in the world, then they simply do not deserve to be called “world-systems”and we should rather speak about one single World System.

While as a runner he may have lagged behind the field, as a thinker he was miles ahead. His engagement with critics can be followed, for example, in Ugnder Most staff went into exile, some for the second or even third time in their lives. This article needs additional citations for verification. He was a most prolific and polemical social scientist.

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