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In the prologue to Gaelen Foley’s latest novel, Devil Takes A Bride, we see a woman flying for her life. Her pursuers are members of a. Read a free sample or buy Devil Takes A Bride by Gaelen Foley. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or. Devil Takes A Bride is the latest installment in the Knight family saga by Gaelen Foley. Characters from the earlier novels play a supporting role in this one.

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With both of these well known gorgeous ‘rakes’ fighting for the affections of Lizzie-She really blossoms and I loved seeing how proud and slightly jealous, mainly over Alec, though Devlin was tzkes she was getting all the attention she so richly deserved.

I think I am giving up on Gaelen Foley.

Devlin suffers an unimaginable loss at the age of seventeen, losing his parents and sister in an ‘accidental fire’. Characters from the earlier novels play a supporting role in this one, adding texture and depth to drvil story for those of us who have read the entire series.

It is a powerful book that is very moving in its realistic depiction of the gamut of human emotions. As a companion to elderly Lady Augusta Strathmore, Lizzie pens a note to Devil implying that his lonely aunt is near death in order to get the notorious rake to visit.

I almost felt like passing out after finally finishing it.

A Journal Of My Reviews: Devil Takes a Bride, by Gaelen Foley [3]

Many of the conflicts, or tropes, I would say, were unnecessary for the overall plot and were written so half-heartedly ddvil they detracted from folfy story. Underneath all his beautiful is a brude vulnerable guy, who is actually terrified to love or care about anyone. The heroine, Lizzie, I liked her quite a bit, she was a bluestocking the horror! He has reason to believe that the fire was no accident and that certain members of the Horse and Chariot Driving Club may have been responsible.


Hopefully the next two will be in this same calaber! I loved that Lizzie was so ballsy! It’s basically been a year since Alec and Lizzie have seen each other after their break. Devlin and Lizzie made me melt, swoon, gush and get flustered a hundred times over like a little girl.

Lizzie Carlisle is a breathe of fresh air Lizzie was very close friends and companion to young Jacinda Knight and that role continued into adulthood until Jacinda married.

Devil Takes a Bride

But then she meets Devlin. I truly hope to see them in Alec’s book which I will definitely read after reading this. A politically incorrect, economically impoverished and socially vile opinion! Nov 28, Natalie rated it liked it Shelves: Devil Gaelem a Bride is quite simply one of the best romance novels I have ever read, with all the elements there to make it great.


We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Lizzie was just so so sweet, and patient and understanding.

brlde Lizzie holes herself up in Mrs Hall’s Academy, Devlin maintains an image of a notorious rakehell. Jan 27, Zoe added it. I did prefer some of the other books in the series.

I could picture him clearly in my head and felt his sorrow and loneliness like a tangible thing.

An enjoyable HR with lots of intrigue. Jan 06, Julianna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I especially liked that the heroine was able to stand her ground.

For this book a 4 stars. Instead of using the rage and cold fury from his wounded past to effect a favorable conclusion — something that’s more than possible — he instead succumbs roley anguish and torture at the end, grieving for days.

He should have exerted more control on the situation at the end having involved himself with the Horse and Chariot Club for a long time coming; he should have locked away Lizzie for her own protection, and killed the perpetrators of the crime which killed q family, in stealth. Random House Publishing Group Awards: I honestly was expecting to get an arrogant dandy Lordly alpha male who is reckless.


Since it is a series, it is nice that there are part on protecting Lizzie. Also, when referring to Lizzie, Devlin would sometimes ny “Clever girl. Both Lizzie and Devlin come with baggage from their past, but when they are together, the pain of their pasts doesn’t seem to matter brire much. Here’s a lil plot recap So Elizabeth is the governess of an 80 year old dragon lady.

Inbad guys locked people inside an inn and burned it causing the deaths of Devlin’s family.

She is that rarest of creatures, a romance novel gxelen who really is just as intelligent as the author tells us she is. After she realized that he was never going to love her like she loved him, as decided to move on. Dec 31, MountainKat rated it really liked it Shelves: Why does everyone like this book? Alec was a thorn in dfvil side of this book, but Lizzie was very sweet tempered and didn’t give him to tongue lashing he deserved, instead she let him down gently, when she honestly should have cut his balls out.

I think Lizzie and Devlin were both decent characters but the murder subplot folry Dev’s parents ONLY really interested me in the last act and it 2.