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DIALux user tutorial – How to import Sketchup files to Dialux evo Today we would like to feature a new tutorial from one of our DIALux user. This video. Hi Guys, Thanks for adding import plan (image) feature. Will there be an option of importing a PDF file added in the near future? Typically that’s.

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DIALux evo 7 offers many new and modified functions to architects, lighting designers and engineers.

PDF Import – DIALux evo board

Download DIALux evo 7. Now it is possible to use existing plans with information about the furniture and fittings of the room in the floor plan in the documentation. This means, for example, that it is not necessary to furnish the room if this is already in the original plan e. Moreover, in the result there will higher uniformity on the evaluation surface. Also new in this version is the possibility to influence and, if required, substantially reduce the calculation times with the aid of calculation options.


After calculation the photometric results can be evaluated very easily since DIALux evo 7 automatically produces isolux lines and value graphic. The task of documentation has also been greatly simplified. A reduced output dialuux and simplified settings for the page content make it possible to adapt the documentation very easily to suit personal requirements.

BIM Building Information Modelling is a method for the networked planning, realisation, operation and maintenance of building projects. This enables quick and easy use of complete buildings or parts thereof from other CAD applications.

A 3D re construction of the projects to be planned is no longer necessary.

This greatly simplifies the work of a lighting designer involved in a BIM process. Within the IFC format there is a lot of freedom and playroom for interpretation.

Structures and constructions can be built differently and objects be used in different ways. In some individual cases, however, it may not i,port possible for an import to be completed because the IFC file has a data structure which is not supported by the software. We would like to learn about such cases in order to improve DIALux.


We would be pleased to receive a message sent to our Support team. As a rule, an import should function without any problem at all, especially when the following conditions are fulfilled: If you are interested, detailed information about export settings, object types supported etc.

You will find a detailed overview of the new version here: Version history DIALux evo 7. Know what the future holds.

Release DIALux evo 7: IFC import and more efficient workflows – DIAL

Know what can be improved through architecture. Release DIALux evo 7: IFC import and more efficient workflows. The IFC file Version 2×3 includes at least one building with one storey and walls It was designed exactly and was completed Correct object types were used If you are interested, detailed information about export settings, object types supported etc.