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DISOBEDIENCE by hot new talent Naomi Alderman is set to spark controversy. Her debut is about two women who were teen lovers in north London’s orthodox . Editions. Disobedience. Paperback ยท Disobedience . Naomi Alderman’s The Power wins the Baileys Prize for Women’s Fiction Disobedience, the debut by year-old Naomi Alderman, and in places a deft and intelligent work, is one such book. Its story, set among the.

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There was a definite sense of place in both New York City and London, and I liked that the xlderman did not end with everyone living happily ever after, but trying to live life on their own terms.

I also learned much about Orthodox Judaism I didn’t have a clue about, and much of the book gave me things to ponder and think about long after I’ve finished. The Times Literary Supplement: Dec 23, Rachel rated it really liked it. But Ronit is shocked too by the co http: View all 5 comments. But our ancient heritage is worth making time for. Should it have won the award? And when I got back, after dark, I realized, of course, that it was Friday night, which is never a good thing to realize.

Il matrimonio deve produrre figli, preferibilmente tanti. It is part of Alderman’s schtick to pepper her novel with Hebrew terms, but she scatters words many Jews, let alone non-Jews, won’t recognise, and mostly for no good narrative reason, so rendering the language lifeless. I put out my hand and opened it and read the first line. It’s not that I disagree with anything that she’s saying – in fact, several of these points I did find rather stimulating to mull over – but when you use the word ‘silence’ a grand total of sixty-six times in your novel, maybe you should consider that you’re laying it on a bit heavy.

Instead it remains quiet and ordinary and blends into the background. But Ronit’s shock that an Orthodox lesbian would marry a man rings false, as does her casually condescending attitude toward the community. Ronit and Dovid are reunited, but unwelcome old memories are stirred.


For months his voice, once as rich as red kiddush wine, had been hoarse, sometimes cracking altogether into a harsh little cough or a deep fit of retching and choking. Has it ever occurred to you that God might be wrong? I was already gathering my armor around me, so that no message he could give would hurt me.

Silence is the means by which the weak remain weak and the strong remain strong. Our words are, in a sense, real.

The Times Literary Supplement:. This whole book had a circuitous nature to it, where it felt like Alderman was taking the longest possible way to make a simple point.

This author is one to follow. But some mornings you just want to fight with someone.

Nov 03, Alla rated it it was ok. Ronit and Esti had enjoyed a clandestine lesbian relationship. View all 23 comments. Its thrust comes from the evolving triangular relationship between Dovid, Esti and Ronit – three very different characters who must react to the same strictures. But the other stuff was genuine. There are many human pains more grievous.


When Ronit returns to her Orthodox Jewish community and finds her old lover Esti married to a man, I expected Disobedience started dlsobedience well, but steadily declined as it went along. Alderman gives us the point of view of her protagonist, Ronit, the rebellious daughter of the celebrated Rav who has returned home after his death, but she also lets us spend disovedience in the heads of Esti, her childhood friend and teenage lover, Dovid, Ronit’s cousin who is now Esti’s husband, and other members of the community.

For one, it had looked interesting to me and was on my TBR. She and the author have a wry sense of humor, and it seemed like out of a big mess, she was able to come to terms with her past and head toward the future and benefit from the experiences.

Ronit and Esti make the choices they can live with. Perhaps that’s why she left for New York and later left orthodox Judaism. London’s chronicler, Dickens, mentions the northwest suburb once, in Oliver Twist, when Bill Sykes runs away; while Zadie Smith’s intricate portrait of suburban life, White Teeth, features Hendon merely as a signpost. Like the rest of the congregation, she sat when the Torah scrolls, clothed in regal velvet, were returned to the aron at the front.


The story is told in its blurb to be about a gay daughter of an Orthodox Jewish Community in London.

Disobedience (novel) – Wikipedia

Much of that made the book for me. Despite the fact that this book is supposed be about a frowned-upon relationship between two women, I personally wouldn’t classify it an LGBTQ novel at all as the way she dealt with that aspect felt like a complete cop-out to me. I think Alderman was trying to explore how to reconcile religion and being gay and I didn’t particularly like the conclusion she seemed to come to or the way she handled it.

Perhaps it’s not a surprise that it’s a book about a community of orthodox Jews, as there’s much more of a literary tradition around Jewish life than most other religions in the Western world. The book is not as racy as the film trailer suggests. Rumors had spread across the community, were passed at chance meetings in the street.

naomialderman – Disobedience

This makes this book really boring; the whole middle chunk is kind of a slog to get through. The story begins with the death of the community’s esteemed rabbi, which sets in motion plans for a memorial service and the search for a replacement. There are some delightfully disobedirnce scenes in this novel. So ultimately I’m not sure what Alderman is getting at here, exactly.