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Refer to the DSCLI documentation to become familiar with these management commands. Ideally you will not have to use the DSCLI interface except in. This guide introduces the IBM DS command-line interface (CLI) for the DS series. It includes commands to configure and manage. The following commands are used to discover various storage objects of IBM System /opt/ibm/dscli/dscli -hmc1 -user.

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The rmsession command closes an existing Global Mirror session.

The lsextpool command displays a list of extent pools in a storage unit and status information on each extent pool in the list. The lshba command displays a report that lists the storage sscli host adapters and status information for each host adapter in the list. The lspprcpath command displays a list of existing remote mirror and copy path definitions.

The lsgmir command displays a list of Vommands Mirror for the storage image of the specified logical subsystem LSS. The mkgmir command starts Global Mirror for a specified session. The managefbvol command initiates a change on fixed block FB volumes by executing a process. The rmsestg command deletes the space-efficient storage in an extent pool.

The showlcu command displays the detailed properties of an individual logical control unit LCU. The showsi command displays detailed properties of a storage image.

The lsvolinit command displays volumes that are being initialized using flash init. The sendss command is used by a DS user with administrator authority to send previously created offloaded statesave files to IBM.


List of commands

The showextpool command displays detailed properties, tier information, or performance metrics of an extent pool. The mkarray command creates one array per command. The rmarray command deletes arrays. This command can also be used to change an assigned rank to an unassigned rank. The failoverpprc command is used only with disaster recovery processing. The showgmir command displays properties and performance metrics for a Global Mirror logical subsystem ID.

You can use it to set characteristics such as online or offline state, name, and description. This is a complete list of the command-line interface commands, alphabetized by command name.

You dscoi only copy a policy within the same storage complex. The showresgrp command displays detailed properties of a resource group.

The rmauthpol command allows you to remove an authentication policy. The freezepprc command creates a new remote mirror and copy consistency group. The mkipsec command creates an Internet Protocol Security IPSec connection on the DS system by importing a configuration file that contains a connection definition to the hardware management console HMC.

You can specify two array sites if you are working with a DS machine type, but commancs can specify only one array site for a DS machine type.

The setplex command allows you to modify the storage commznds settings. The lsresgrp command displays a list of resource group objects on the storage image. This command can also be used to display the performance metrics for an individual volume ID. The chsi command modifies a storage image. Command Type Description applykey application key and version The applykey command applies the licensed machine code LMC activation keys for a storage server.


The chaccess command allows you to change one or more access settings of a hardware management console HMC. The rmreckey command allows you to remove an encryption recovery key.

List of commands

The mkextpool command creates a fixed block or count key data CKD storage type extent pool. The lsframe command commsnds a list of frame enclosures for a storage image. The lssestg command displays a list of the track space-efficient storage in the storage unit.

The helpmsg command is used to obtain details about information, warning, and error messages. Commanxs showkeygrp command displays detailed information for a specified key server encryption key group entry on the storage image.

Handy DSCLI commands to know

DS remote support and notification. The chlss co,mands modifies a logical subsystem. The managehostconnect command modifies the volume group assignment for a SCSI host port.