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to do the motorcycle’s maintenance. For a professional service please contact one of our Ducati’s dealers. Owner’s Manuals. Year, , , , Items 1 – 6 of 6 Ducati Monster Manuals at The Web’s most trusted source for Manuals. View our full range of Ducati Monster ABS Motorcycles online at bikesales. – Australia’s number 1 motorbike classified website. Find the best deals.

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Attenzione Connect the positive lead 20 to the positive terminal and the negative lead 21 to the negative terminal, as shown in the photo. Furthermore, Ducati continuously invests in the technical training of its dealership staff: Time to reconceive the heights of performance and technology and rewrite the rules of adventure. Cleaning And Renewing The Spark Plugs If the insulation is any other colour, or if there are dark deposits, renew the spark plug and describe the condition of the old plug to a Ducati dealer or Authorized Service Centre.

Locate the front tank cover 3 on the fuel tank. Table of contents Front brake lever 50 Rear brake pedal 51 Gearchange pedal 51 Adjusting the position of the gearchange and rear brake pedals 52 Main components and devices 53 Position on motorcycle 53 General indications 6 Fuel tank filler cap 54 Seat lock and helmet holder 55 Warranty 6 Sidestand Illuminates when there are approximately 3 litres of fuel left in the tank.

Page 30 days. The indicator must not exceed rpm. Identification data All Ducati motorcycles have two identification numbers, one for the frame fig. Tensioning the drive chain Turn the rear wheel slowly to find the position at which the chain is at its most taut. In the event of accidental contact with eyes or skin, wash Hydraulically operated by a control lever on right handlebar. Always respect speed limits where these are indicated and always adapt your speed to suit the current visibility, road and traffic conditions.

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Maintenance More mileage, less service, to enjoy your Ducati to the fullest.

Such maintenance may be performed at a service establishment or by any individual. Schweiz de Schweiz fr Schweiz it. Even the simplest services, the Oil Service, have been spaced out to 12, km 7, miles or 15, km 9, milesvalues that represent an absolute reference for high performance engines.

2009 Ducati Monster 696 — Owner’s Manual

Notes If tyres need changing, contact a Ducati Dealer or Authorized Service Centre to make sure wheels are removed and refitted correctly.

The motorcycle should be perfectly vertical, with its longitudinal axis at right angles to a wall or screen at a distance of 10 metres. The battery voltage reading is displayed as follows: Controls Warning This section shows ducwti position and function of the controls used to drive the motorcycle.

Rear brake pedal fig. Page 81 If the fuel tank was removed from the motorcycle, refit it by inserting the front pins E in corresponding locations in the frame.

Fuses The electrical system components are protected by eight fuses located in the fusebox.

Brakes Brakes Friction material: Main components and devices Position on motorcycle fig. Operate the brake, clutch, gearchange and throttle controls periodic service intervals indicated in the warranty booklet.


Be sure to read this information carefully before you use the controls. Important To avoid possible short circuits, switch the ignition key to OFF before renewing the fuse. Page 4 Ducati Motor Holding S. The count stops automatically when the fuel level rises above reserve.

Any replacement part that is manuql in performance and durability may be used in the performance of any maintenance or repairs. Page 29 if the reading is less than or equal to 9.


Unscrew the screws 1 and 2 securing the upper tank cover 3. Withdraw the hose 10 upwards, leaving it attached to the tank breather and drain hose unions. Page 75 Withdraw the hose 10 upwards, leaving it attached to the tank breather and drain hose unions.

Sleek tailpiece lines of the Monster R grab the eyes with their sporting looks. The new Panigale V4 Speciale takes the manyal of Italian sports bikes to an extreme. Clutch Lever Clutch lever fig. Rear Shock Absorber Monsher Rear shock absorber adjusters The shock absorber has external adjusters that enable you to adapt the rear suspension to suit the load conditions.

Page 85 Secure the tank to the frame with the screw 12 and the washer Fit the three screws 9remembering to fit the longest screw in the lower hole, and tighten to a torque of 10 Nm. Page A blown fuse can be identified by a broken filament 4, fig.

EU At Key-On the system automatically enters this function. Check that the seals are in good condition. Oil temperature indicator This function displays the engine oil temperature.


The clutch lever should 2 Push down the gearchange lever firmly with the tip of not be held in longer than necessary after a gear is engaged, your foot to engage first gear. Notes Your Ducati dealer may ask you to produce your Code Card in mnoster to carry out certain servicing operations.

Toolkit and accessories fig. Routine Maintenance Record Ducati Mileage Date Service Name 1, 12, 7, 24, 15, 36, 22, 48, 30, 60, 37,