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Readers with a taste for fantasy and folklore will embrace Pattou’s (Hero’s Song) lushly rendered retelling of “East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Book Review: East by Edith Pattou. Posted on July 28, Title: East. Author: Edith Pattou. Genre: Fantasy, Retelling, Young Adult. Publisher: Harcort. Rose is the youngest of seven children, meant to replace her dead sister. Maybe because of that, she’s never really fit in. She’s always felt.

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Most of the whole family has English names – Neddy, Eugenia – yet they are basically Norwegians.

I loved this book, absolutely loved it, and I’m so glad I already have West downloaded from the library. I am happy to say that the book is still deserving of 5 stars in my opinion. One night, however, Rose lights the erith and sees that Bear transforms into a handsome young man at night.

I’m greedy and wanted more So when an enormous white bear mysteriously shows up and asks her to come away with him, she readily agrees. I liked the characters and enjoyed many of the additions to the story which pxttou author added, such as the fact that the bear had a great difficulty speaking, Rose’s love of weaving, her father’s fascination with map-making and her mother’s superstitions and a great deal of description about the trolls.

Rose travels on the bear’s broad back to a distant and empty castle, where she is nightly joined by a mysterious stranger.

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May 14, at 8: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Multiple first person POVs always throw me off.

Review is also on: Moreover, Pattou’s bt of it is more than satisfying, going so far as to touch upon Norse mythology and Inuit history. So ppattou short, polar bear is really a prince who has to be saved by a girl who screws up once, but redeems herself and her love by saving them both in the end.


What were the odds anyway?

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Nov 03, Riley Redgate rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m not familiar with the fairy tale that this is a retelling of so I had nothing to compare it to, which probably worked to its favor. However, in all fairness, I’ve seen eadt, much worse. This entry was posted in Book ReviewsFantasy.

Rose is determined to make things right by rescuing Bear.

But destiny cannot be denied, and when another sibling falls gravely ill, a talking white bear shows up at the family’s door; promising that if Rose leaves home and journeys with him, the family will become happy, healthy, and wealthy. I also love that it is multiple books in one book, though never meant to be a serise.

If you had mixed feelings about His Dark Materials, but still really like polar bears and legends from the far north? One of whom comes off as silly, cruel, and silly again; the other is simply someone who needs help. Oct 12, Elevetha rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Near Njord, Rose meets an Inuit woman named Malmo, who helps nurse her and the Captain back to health.

Ironically, though, her punishment entails the imprisonment of the prince she loves. The second half is terrible in comparison, and all ends in a rushed conclusion that leaves a sensation of emptiness rather than satisfaction despite the happy ending.

The ice castle was probably my favorite part. They travel across water via kayak and then over land on skis. Rose learns more about the bear, who finds it exhausting to speak the human tongue. The pace, which should’ve been fast, at least, from the whiplash-style narration, went at a sluggish crawl, leaving me bored throughout. Edith Pattou sets EAST in historical Europe, and the story traverses lands, cultures, seas, and languages for an astonishing and engrossing read.

What are split infinitives and who cares about them anyway? View all 21 comments. Moreover, I love that Rose never gives up. I liked the different love and found the story to zip right along.


Stuck in a difficult situation, tempers rise just as often as they fall, which made for intriguing reading.

Monday Book Review: East by Edith Pattou | A.J. Cattapan

Enraged, the Queen melts the entire ice palace and Rose and Myk are trapped under the snow – fulfilling Rose’s birth prophecy. This is the final novel of the school year for the patttou grade students in my advanced level reading class. You begin to wonder why exactly it is that the brother and father of the protagonist have each their own POV, especially the father, who becomes just superfluous eventually, as pattiu brother easr delivered all the father did just as well; and the brother gets too much onpage time, way more than the bear, who’s the actual protagonistand he also gets a bit of a side story all of his own that shouldn’t take so much of the book as this isn’t his story.

Of course the family refuses but in the end Rose bravely agrees. Like the Troll Princess, Rose uses someone and then spares no thought editth his fate and it is a sad fate.

Children’s Books Ireland I fell inlove with Rose and her personality from the beginning, the first few pages a a little slow, but that is just setting the story. Also by Edith Pattou.

Once the bear is kidnapped away by the Troll Queen, however, the second-half of this story only picks up. This book will waste your time.

A fine retelling of an old, less well-known folktale. The book is chaste and simple, which makes me think its more suited to East was written when fantasy could still be fantasy. But first, in case you don’t know, “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” is a wonderful fairy tale. Views Read Edit View history. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. She evolved through her journey.