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Ec – Medical Electronics – Question Bank (2marks With Answer) Chest Department of ECE Medical Electronics. EC Medical Electronics . EC / EC / EC / ECE11 Medical Electronics Question Paper Collection ECE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Electronics and. EC / EC / EC / ECE11 Medical Electronics Important Question Bank ECE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Electronics and.

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EC Medical Electronics Question Bank | Devasena A. –

They are divided questiom metallic and non-metallic electrodes. Its various types are:. Using implanted electromagnetic fine probe on the arota, we can find the cardiac output per minute directly by multiplying the stroke volume with the heart beat rate per minute.

When the cell fires however, the outside of the cell becomes momentarily negative with respect to the interior.

For what purpose silver-silver chloride is used? What is flame photometer? The measurement of cardiac output is due to low blood pressure, reduced tissue oxygenationnnn, poor renal function, shock and acidosis.

A bronchospirometer is a dual Spirometer that measures the volumes and capacities of each lung individually. What are graded potentials? Signal processor is an important part of the instrument system which amplifies, modifies or changes the electrical output of the transducer in a suitable manner questioh run the recording or display ratio, simplicity, stability and precision.


Question paper is give It is used to correct the fibrillation effectively. What is the use of biphasic D. They are also used to determine the oxygen tension or carbon dioxide tension in the blood.

EC2021 Medical Electronics MJ2014 Question Paper

The hydrogen electrode is also called a reference electrode. The outlines of the blood vessels also visible in angiogram. Microelectrodes are used to measure the bioelectric potential near or within a single cell.

Define inspiratory reserve volume IRV. The amount of degradation of the signal can be defined in terms of the noise figure. If the transmitter substance in inhibitory, the membrane potential of the receptor neuron increases in a negative direction. For what purpose flame photometer is used?


Blood flow meters are used to monitor the blood flow in various blood vessels and to measure caridiac output. List the classifications of heart sounds. List the practical considerations for ECG recording. The condenser microscope is used for conversion of the heart questio into electrical signals. Accuracy, frequency response, hysteresis, isolation, linearity, sensitivity, signal- to- noise ratio, simplicity, stability and precision.

EC Medical Electronics MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

Surface electrodes are used to measure the potentials available from the surface of the skin and are used to sense the potentials from heart, brain and nerves. The pacemaker is surgically implanted beneath. The rate at which an bankk potential moves down a fiber of a nerve cell or is propagated from cell to cell is called the propagation rate or conduction velocity. They are eye, nose, ear, tongue and skin.


In the case of off-line analysis, the input equipment system is used to prepare electdonics for further analysis using computers which may be located at the same location of the input or remote. The action potential is always- the same for any given cell. What is the need for earthing of medical instruments? List the parts of the brain. Anna University – B. Systole is defined as medicao period of elecyronics of the heart muscles, specifically the ventricular muscle at which time blood is pumped into pulmonary artery and the aorta.

Define mean circulation time. This in turn results in the development of action potential that is transmitted down the optic nerve. Thus a extinguished or damped EEG over a certain part of cortex can thus be due to brain tumor.

A short time later, the cell regains the normal state in which the inside is again negative with respect to outside. Sc Question Paper. List the modes of operation of pacemakers.