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If anyone is interested in getting one of Ed Verosky’s instructional eBooks on flash, portraiture, or boudoir photography he is offering his books at 30% off for a . Ed Verosky is a professional photographer & filmmaker in New York City. Ed Verosky12 plays. Ed Verosky. Editorial Boudoir Photo Shoot Video. Professional photographer Ed Verosky’s eBooks have been very popular with our Boudoir Photography – the quick-start guide for professional photographers.

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How to Get Amazing Light in any Situation.

Boudoir Photography eBook – Latest by Ed Verosky

I used what I learned in this eBook to start using flash for some outdoor portrait work some of tha work was done for Gaia Nudes. I highly recommend this book if you want to learn how to use your camera flash better. Now that spring is coming I am planning to do more outdoor portrait work because this genre of photography is something I have spent little time pursing.

If you are at all interested in portrait shooting check out these two eBooks veroeky Ed. I am not interested in Boudoir Photography but it can be a lucrative venture if done tastefully and for discerning clients. If you are looking for a way to add boudoir to your repertoire verosk these two eBooks offer all the advice and tips you need. This means if you buy one of these eBooks, then I get a percentage of the sale.


I only link to eBooks that I myself have purchased and found helpful. If I think an eBook is not worth the price nor the time to look at, then I will not become an affiliate nor recommend the book.

So if you think you might be interested in the topics vreosky these eBooks then buying here will help support my quest for beer and pizza and hopefully steer you towards good products!

Just use this code on check out — N5H Click here to visit Verosky Photography.

The kit comes with a stand, an octagon softbox and a clamp to attach a dSLR flash. I put another Pocket Wizard onto the hot shoe of my Ohotography G One wizard sends a signal ee the camera to the flash so that the flash fires when the shutter is open. I used the flip screen on the G11 pointed towards me as I took this self-portrait with the 10 second camera delay.

Here is what the shot looked like without the flash… the model looks better but the lighting is not great. The great thing about the G11 point-n-shoot is you can use complex flash set-ups with the camera if you want.

I learned the art of flash photography by reading books and mostly by practice, practice, practice… and then more practice did I say I had to practice a lot? I sure could have used a good resource that simplified the complex technical aspects of flash photography — if only to save processing costs on hundreds of rolls of film!


Fast forward to today and you can find all sorts of resources on the web about flash photography and specifically how to use your Nikon or Canon flashes to create professionally lit portraits anywhere.

The problem is that I have not found one resource that covers everything you need to know from lighting theory to practical lighting set-ups in an easy to understand matter, until now. I am now using some of his 15 proven lighting techniques to help me get back up to speed with flash photography — even old dogs can learn new tricks!

Basic Lighting for Portrait Photography by Ed Verosky

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Basic Lighting for Portrait Photography by Ed Verosky

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