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Drugs, felony charges, even jail couldn’t stop him Electroconvulsive therapy did. A manic memoir by Andy Behrman. Andy Behrman wrote Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania while convalescing from four months of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) that effectively. This is a two-part series where I explore the inner-world of Electroboy, Andy Behrman. Mr. Behrman speaks openly about bipolar disorder.

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A saleswoman approaches me. Some of the sections didn’t seem to be relevant to the overall story, and would have been better to have been edited out. Everything moves in slow motion. Where he differs is in the lack of introspection and some judicious use of the “fade to black”.

Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania

I try on others, and now I’m totally confused and tell him that I have to think about it for a while. Not all people with Mental illnesses have extraordinary luck though. They stopped talking to me for a while. Is it day or night?

Nobody can help me. He graduated from Wesleyan University.

I tell him I’ll take both. I’m in the mood for French toast. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Andy underwent nineteen electroshock treatments over the course of about a year and a half. I feel as if I’ve just smoked cocaine and drifted high into the clouds, and I am struggling to stay awake.

I thought maybe my case is some kind of special case. It consists of one and a half milligrams of Risperdal, an antipsychotic; mg of Depakote, a mood stabiliser; 1,mg of Neurontin, an anti-convulsant; mg of Symmetrel, for Parkinsonian syndrome; 30mg of Propanolol, for tremors; 50mg of Benadryl, for muscle stiffness; 2mg of Klonopin, for anxiety; and 10mg of Ambien, a sleeping aid. The statistic that people with mental illness are three times more likely to be the victims of a violent crime than to commit one is a powerful one.


I open the window and let the breeze blow on my face as we cross the park. He actually seems interested and takes my card. I can pay cash for it and not feel as guilty. The device goes everywhere I do, like a sinus condition. I get into bed and try jerking off to a video, but that doesn’t work berhman. For most of his adult life, he had periods of tremendous highs and terrible lows.

They carry milk, soda, fruit and beer.

Q and A with ‘Electroboy’ Andy Behrman | HealthyPlace

I don’t think his illness completely explains his self indulgence and he was in PR and honestly I feel it, the way the book is written feels like it’s been crafted a bit for a marketing effort. I like the night. From my balcony, I see a man walking his cocker spaniel. For more information about these conferences, please see details below.

He kinda threw that in there as a sidenote. We’re picking up speed. Jan 23, Dani added it Shelves: I phone the concierge for extra towels and I take a half-hour shower. Dec 20, Karen Tyrrell rated it it was amazing Shelves: I work with it. Not only is Andy working on a sequel to Electroboybut he is also writing a self-help book for sufferers of depression and bipolar disorder.

I am like a butterfly trapped beneath a glass dome. Dr Fried has referred me to a well-respected specialist, Dr Charles Wallenstein, who tells me there is no other choice. Then it got real and watching Behrman trip, fumble, sprawl and crawl became a bit painful.

The media plays beheman huge role in portraying people who are mentally ill as dangerous and violent, when in fact this is not true. Electroo the end though, it’s pretty clear, Andy had a hard time and I wish him insight and wellness. I find a good-looking and slightly hip young salesman, who looks like he probably came to New York from Indiana to model after college, to show me some casual jackets.


It did not do that at all. I switch to the next one, a simple navy- blue blazer. The prosecution and imprisonment for the crime leads him to finally confront the illness and find a new way to be behrmn but without the destructive aspects of the illness. It takes real guts to hang your sins and shortcomings out on the I’m generally not a fan of paragraphs that run on for a page or more, but in Behrman’s case, anxy makes sense, serving to underscore this masterful account of his maniacal, overcharged life–both the internal one that had him hallucinating tattoos erupting on his skin and the external one that sent him jetting around the globe, fistfuls of cash in hand.

This stuff is crap. Lists with This Book. Maybe he just needed the money. Still I’m glad I read it. The energy is so powerful that I feel as if I could show up at a hospital operating room and perform arthroscopic surgery successfully and elwctro would even notice that I had absolutely no training at all.