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Endian Firewall Community (EFW) is a “turn-key” linux security distribution that makes your system a full featured security appliance with Unified. The version users should follow the instructions received at the After upgrades for Endian Firewall Community to version have. Endian Firewall is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliance that Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Endian Firewall is % open source Documentation Feature, , , , , , , , Feature.

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Global settings and Connection status and control.

The action to perform if a peer disconnects. Our FAQ page has tips on writing a good mini-review.

The VPN Menu — Endian UTM Appliance Reference Manual

The status is closed when the connection is disabled, and established when the connection is enabled. The automatic assignment of correct routes, without the need for pushing custom routes, no warning messages about possibly conflicting routes, correct local name resolution, and easier WAN network setup.

Although IPsec is a standardised protocol and it is compatible to most vendors that implement IPsec solutions, the actual implementation may be very different from vendor to vendor, sometimes causing severe interoperability issues.

Moreover, the configuration and administration of IPsec is usually quite difficult due to its complexity and design, while some particular situations might even be impossible to handle, for example when there is the necessity to cope with NAT. In such a case, an informative message appears as a hyperlink: Moved the management of all users under a submenu.


If the connection to the main server fails, one of these fallback servers will take over. Very Good Firewall, easy to deploy and management Was this review helpful? This is only needed when uploading a PKCS 12 certificate. Search for the string mssfix Whenever a change to the configuration of the OpenVPN server occurs or the way a user interacts with the other users is modified e.

The first time the service is started a new, self-signed CA certificate for this OpenVPN server is generated, an operation that may take a long time. Each option, after having been changed, should be enable by ticking the respective checkbox. Upon clicking on it, the IPsec connection editor opens.

More information about the MTU size. The Endian UTM Appliance implements an easy to use administration interface that supports different authentication methods. Hint For a normal use these settings can be left at their default values.

See also More information about the MTU size. Browsing the local filesystem is admitted, to search for the file, of the path and filename can be entered.

Add tunnel configuration There are two types of settings that can be configured for each tunnel configuration: Normally, one firewalo is allowed to connect from one location at a time. Selecting this option manuak multiple client logins, even from different locations. Clicking on each of them reveals a new panel in which to configure further settings for the connection.

The port and protocol values default to and udp respectively enidan omitted. Available choices from the drop-down menu are to Clearto Holdor to Restart the peer.


Note When planning to have two ejdian more branch offices connected through a Gateway-to-Gateway VPN, it is good practice to choose different subnets for the LANs in the different branches. For every connection, the list reports the status, the name, any additional option, a remark, and the actions available.

Endian Firewall

Reader supplied reviews for Endian Firewall Average rating 7. When configuring the X. Warning Please note that by resetting the root endkan, not only the certificates but also certificate-based connections will be erased. PKCS 12 challenge password Insert here the Challenge passwordif one was supplied to the CA before or during the creation of the certificate.

Past reviews – sort by: Major packages only 52 All tracked packages To compare the software in this project to the software available in other distributions, please see our Compare Packages page.

When planning to have two or more branch offices connected through a Gateway-to-Gateway VPN, it is good practice to choose different subnets for the LANs in the different branches.

Popularity hits per day: Documentation revision 6, last updated on Sep 10, Contact, corrections and suggestions: To restartto enable or disableto edit or to delete it. New in version 2. The connected clients will be disconnected and automatically reconnected after a short timeout, usually without noticing the interruption.