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EP2C5QC8 from Altera Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Altera EP2C5QC8. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability. EP2C5QC8 Specifications: Logic Cells / Logic Blocks: ; Package Type: QFP, Other, Details, datasheet, quote on part number: EP2C5QC8.

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These multipliers are capable of efficiently implementing multiplication operations commonly found in digital signal processing DSP applications.

Second-generation Nios II processors extend our soft embedded processor leadership with better performance, lower cost, and the most complete set of software development tools available anywhere.

Four serial configuration devices 1-Mbit, 4-Mbit, Mbit, and Mbit are offered in space-saving 8-pin and pin small-outline integrated circuit SOIC packages.

Cyclone II FPGAs

Product Catalog Altera in Portable Entertainment. Designers needing lower costs, more density, and functionality for high-volume applications can take advantage of more advanced device families in ep2c5q2008c8 series.


The embedded multipliers can also be configured as two 9 x 9 multipliers, offering up to 9×9 multipliers. On average, these serial configuration devices are priced for volume applications as low as 10 percent of the price of the corresponding Cyclone II FPGA. Which third-party tools support Cyclone II devices?

The second-generation devices also offer more features such as: Clock Management Chapter 7. Cyclone II FPGAs provide designers with maximum flexibility, balance performance needs, and device resource usage by supporting three distinct Nios II cores, each optimized for a particular price and performance range.

EP2C5QC8 Datasheet PDF – Altera

Cyclone II design goals prioritized low cost as the primary objective. Each block also includes extra parity bits for error control, mixed-width mode, and mixed-clock mode support.

Other topics include PCB layout guidelines, memory, configuration, and design considerations. What PLL features are available?

The Cyclone II family provides a flexible, risk-free option without up-front non-recurring engineering NRE charges or minimum order quantities. The density overlap between the two families exists because of the need to address different market requirements.


All three cores support a single instruction set architecture, making them percent code-compatible. Power and Thermal Management.

Cyclone II – Cyclone II Support

PCN Rev 1. These newer Cyclone families strengthen our leadership position in solutions for high-volume, low-cost applications. The external clock outputs one per PLL can be used to provide clocks to other devices in the system, eliminating the need for other clock-management devices on datasjeet board.

Cadence NC-Sim version 5. Table 3 shows the clock speed and maximum data transfer rate for each memory interface.

(PDF) EP2C5Q208C8 Datasheet download

Pin compatibility between families adds undesirable die size. Cyclone V Cyclone IV. It is optimized to minimize skew, providing clock, clear, and reset signals to all resources within the device.