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Not to be confused with sixth disease. See Exanthema subitum. Erythema infectiosum or fifth disease is one of several possible manifestations of infection by. Erythema infectiosum (fifth disease). Erythema infectiosum is a mild childhood disease that is caused by human parvovirus B This condition. A general overview of the symptoms, causes and treatment of fifth disease, and other useful tips for parents.

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Fifth disease, also known as erythema infectiosum, is a common viral infection among school-aged children.

The incubation period the time between the initial infection and the onset of symptoms is usually between 4 and 21 days.

Patients with sickle-cell or other chronic hemolytic diseases can be more severely affected than other populations.

Fifth Disease (Erythema Infectiosum) Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Infeectiosum B19 Erythema infectiosum Reticulocytopenia Papular purpuric gloves and socks syndrome. Fifth disease Medical Encyclopedia Also in Spanish. Etiology Parvovirus B19 causes erythema infectiosum. Post-infectious acute glomerulonephritis with podocytopathy induced by parvovirus B19 infection.

Patients with aplastic crisis will have pallor, tachycardia, infectiozum tachypnea from the severe anemia. Call your doctor if infcetiosum or your child develops a facial rash, especially if your child has a blood errythema or an immune deficiency, or is being treated for cancer. Quach, Fifth disease is usually considered to be mild. When joint symptoms are present, the patient is not considered infectious or contagious.

Quach, who recommends letting the virus run its course. Fifth disease causes a bright red “slapped cheek” rash that doesn’t appear until an infected person is no longer contagious. For this reason, children who exhibit symptoms of the virus in the form of a rash can attend daycare or school without passing the illness on to their peers. Also, call your doctor if a child with previously diagnosed fifth disease develops a fever or increased joint pain.


The palms of the hands and soles of the feet are typically not affected. Teenagers and adults may present with a self-limited arthritis.

Incubation and contagion periods: Flfth who get it might also have joint pain and swelling. Virus-related cutaneous conditions Pediatrics Viral diseases. Testing for specific parvovirus B19 IgM antibody can confirm acute infection on serology. The symptoms can include paleness, rapid breathing, rapid pulse, fever and malaise a general sick feeling. Then you get a red rash on your face.

This facial rash is followed by a lacy, flat rash that appears on the arms, legs, trunk and buttocks.

Fifth Disease | Erythema infectiosum | MedlinePlus

When outbreaks of fifth disease occur in a community, frequent hand washing may help to prevent spread of the illness. Hirai Y, Takeda Y. Look out for the following tell-tale signs: Listeriosis Congenital cytomegalovirus infection. Patients with an immune deficiency may be given intravenous immunoglobulin IVIG that contains antibodies against parvovirus B Occasionally, the rash will extend over the bridge of the nose or around the mouth.

This rash does not develop early in the disease process. Currently there is no approved vaccine against fifth disease, although at least one vaccine is being tested. Many other viral exanthems can be included in the differential diagnosis of erythema infectiosum including measles, rubella, roseola, and scarlet fever. Infection by parvovirus B19 destroys reticulocytes. PMC ] [ PubMed: Fifth disease is spread in the droplets of coughs and sneezes, on dirty tissues, and on drinking glasses and eating utensils.


Pearls and Other Issues This is a common viral exanthem illness found in children in the spring months. Retrieved from ” https: Atypical rashes in adult human Parvovirus B19 infection; atypical is typical. Fifth Disease Also called: The affected joints are usually symmetric. History of parvovirus B19 infection is associated with silent cerebral infarcts.

Testing for IgG antibodies can be common in prenatal testing for women to look for immunity status to parvovirus B19 to access the risk of potential congenital disabilities. Days after the facial rash develops, a maculopapular rash usually develops on the trunk and limbs.

Understanding Fifth Disease (Erythema Infectiosum)

Epub Jun Subscribe to free Drugs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prognosis Previously healthy people usually recover completely from fifth disease within weeks. Infected children erythea adults will be contagious from as much as seven days before and right up to the moment the characteristic rash may appear. In patients who are immunocompromised or in patients with hematologic disorders, symptoms can be more severe.