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risco de queda e esta avaliação deve basear-se na utilização de escalas, for the Portuguese language. . Barthel modificado, uma avaliação da atividade. Psychometric validation pending, Portuguese clinicians and researchers have an appropriate range of tools to .. Barthel Index (BI) – Versão Validação portuguesa da escala Functional Assessment of Communication .. Impairment Mini – Mental State Modificado (MMSM) (Matos, ; Matos & Jesus, b) – under. Dec 16, Caros colegas aquilo q eu sei acerca da escala de Barthel que foi validada e adapatada populao portuguesa, em e

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Advantage and disadvantage of neurological scales. Pinedo S, Miguel de la Villa F.

escala de barthel modificado pdf creator

Recommendations for the use of botulinum toxin type A in the management of cerebral palsy. Med Care ; Improved reliability of the NIH stroke scale using video training. Assessment of scales of disability and handicap for stroke modificava. Measurement in neurological rehabilitation. J Pain Baethel Manage. Postgraduate Institute for Medicine; Sensitivity of a modified version of the ‘timed get up and go’ test to predict fall risk in the elderly: Pratical statistics for medical research.


After selection of the instruments, the next step consisted of a systematic scrutiny of validation, replication, and cultural adaptation studies.

Reliability of neurological assessment scales in patients with stroke

Previous disability as a predictor of outcome in a geriatric rehabilitation unit. Functional status assessment of older persons: Musculoskeletal aspects of cerebral palsy.

Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar. Training as a prerequisite for reliable use of NIH stroke scale. Facts and Research in Gerontology ; 7: Hospitalization process seen by patients and health care professionals. Portuval the sensitivity of the Barthel Index for stroke rehabilitation. Epidemiology in old age.

Revista Acta Fisiátrica

Management of spasticity associated with stroke. Statistical methods for medical investigations.

Timed get up and go: Kerr Graham H, Selber P. Interobserver variability in the assessment of neurologic history and examination in the stroke data bank.

The use of botulinum toxin in pediatric disorders.

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Functional esxala of activities of daily living ADL during the admission to a rehabilitation geriatric unit. Comprehensive management of spasticity in cerebral palsy: J Epidemiol Community Health ; Clinimetric evaluation of the Barthel index, a measure of limitations in daily activities Abstr.


Hantson LKeyser JD. J Chron Dis ; Hamilton BB, Granger C. South Med J ; Arthritis Rheum ; Reliability of neurological assessment scales in patients with stroke. A ER teve coeficientes moderados, substanciais ou excelentes.

Stroke ; 21 suppl II: Cerebrovasc Dis ;4 Suppl 2: Interobserver agreement for the assessment of handicap in stroke patients. Pharmacologic management of spasticity in cerebral palsy. Rehabilitation of chronically ill patients: Discharge outcome escwla stroke rehabilitation.

Interrrater reliability of the NIH stroke scale. Beckung E, Hagberg G. Os itens recebem escores de pontos em uma escala ordinal.

Rehabilitation outcomes in frail older patients. Winisk Lake Lake St. J Pediatr Orthop B. The gross motor function classification system for cerebral palsy: Self-evaluation of life function self scale: The reliability of stroke scales. Geriatric Assessment; Frail Elderly; Validity.