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SQL is the industry standard language for accessing and updating database data and ESQL is a language derived from SQL Version 3, particularly suited to. Use ESQL statements and functions to read from, write to, and modify databases from your message flows. Customize processing implemented by the Compute, Database, DatabaseInput, and Filter nodes in your message flows by coding ESQL.

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The syntax for executable comments is similar to normal comments and documented in the KnowledgeCenter. If the expression evaluates to TRUE, executes the statements again. Re-throws the current exception if any. Evaluates a condition expression, and if it is TRUE executes a sequence of statements. This is useful when the eqsl raises an error that is not actually an error and therefore prevents a deploy.

Interaction with databases using ESQL

This statement is effective when the price is and the company is IBM. For more information, see Using message maps. IF statement Processes a set of statements based on the result of evaluating condition expressions.

Some examples are also shown for the XML domain. Detaches a portion of a message tree without deleting it. Read the following topics: For more information, see Using message maps ESQL provides a rich and flexible syntax for statements and functions that enable you to check and manipulate message and database content. Before the specified jbm can be created or modified, the integration node must navigate ibj named message tree to locate the point in the message tree that is to be altered.


Array subscripts [ ] are expensive in terms of performance because of the way in which subscript is evaluated dynamically at run time. Iterates through a list for example, a message array.

ESQL string manipulation functions

This statement is optional and is used in an ESQL file to explicitly identify the schema that contains the file. For further information, see Creating dynamic field references. The ComputeDatabaseDatabaseInputand Filter nodes require you to provide a minimum level of ESQL, and you can provide much more than the minimum to control precisely the behavior of each node.

This technique also helps to reduce memory usage. In terms of memory management and performance, which one would be the best? Takes a character value and passes it as an SQL statement to an external database.

Processes a sequence of statements repeatedly and unconditionally. Propagates a message to the downstream nodes within the message flow. If examples include a reference to MRM, they assume that you have modeled the message in the MRM and that you have set the names of the MRM objects to be identical to the names of the corresponding tags or attributes in the XML source message. Alternatively, you can declare multiple variables of the same data type within a single ESQL statement rather than in multiple statements.

This message is provided in XML source format with tags and attributessee Example message. Declare a reference pointer as shown in the following example: The first time it runs, the component parts are determined, in order to construct the statement that will be run; then the statement that has been constructed is run.

ESQL statements

While is certainly not the norm, it can happen, for example in case of version differences between the tooling and the runtime. The topics specific to the MRM domain use the message that is created in the following sample: So, if you have decided to throw an exception from your code, remember to throw it severely!


Strictly speaking, not so much hidden actually as maybe hiding in plain sight.

Detaches and destroys a portion of a message tree, allowing its memory to be reused. Ibbm increases the processing time significantly:. Analyzing message flow performance.

The repeated use of array subscripts such as Environment. For ibj, the following statement has two data and literal values, and IBM:.

The following example shows ESQL being used eslq process records read from a database. The following example shows the ESQL that can be used to reduce the number of navigations when creating new output message tree fields:. This is used by an error handler, when it cannot handle an exception, to give an error handler in higher scope the opportunity of handling the exception. FOR statement Iterates through a list for example, a message array.

Anonymous November 20, Join The Discussion Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Changes the field pointed to by a target reference variable. Message trees with repeating records Esqll this task. ESQL provides a rich and flexible syntax for statements and functions that enable you to check and manipulate message and database content.