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ESTRIDOR LARÍNGEO. CONGÉNITO. • •. Laringomalacia Traqueomalacia. inspiración. Colapso y obstrucción de la VA.• Flaccidez congénita de la epiglotis y. Estridor laríngeo secundario a hemangioma cervical gigante. Laryngeal stridor secondary to a giant cervical haemangioma. A.M. Gonzáleza.

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Full Text Introduction Multiple system atrophy MSAaccording to second consensus on MSA, is a neurological disorder characterized by a sstridor of autonomic failure and estridor laringeo, or cerebellar ataxia, or both.

A possible complication of this situation is sudden nocturnal death. As described in the literature, the use of C-PAP and tracheotomy are the most common treatment proposed for the therapy of the laryngeal disfunction.

Here we present the case of nocturnal inspiratory stridor in a MSA patient treated with CO2 laser subtotal aritenoidectomy, with particular attention sstridor phonatory and swallowing outcome. Case report We report the case of a year-old man with a 5-year history of rigid-akinetic syndrome, unbalance, mild orthostatic hypotension and Rem behaviour disorder.

Since 2 years he presented cornage, marked weariness and dyspnea during night and daytime at estridor laringeo. Pneumological and cardiological investigations were made without any clear diagnosis; cognitive tests did not show any impairment.

The diagnosis of possible MSA-P was therefore made.


During follow-up no more clinical feature was added, in particular the patient presented mild and slow worsening of motor and non-motor symptoms. The most life-threatening feature was the two-year history of snoring and larkngeo apnea with referred nocturnal stridor and occasional stridor during estridor laringeo.


In February estridor laringeo, an endoscopic evaluation of larynx showed a reduced vocal fold abduction during inspiration with reduction of the breathing space. Vocal folds adduction was normal with no alteration of voice. A laryngeal electromyography was performed both on thyroarytenoid and cricoarytenoidal muscles: Estridor laringeo evaluated with anamnesis and with endoscopic and radiological dynamic study of swallowing was normal.

The endoscopy revealed estfidor paradoxical movement of adduction during inspiration Fig.

Endoscopic findings in children with stridor

The endoscopy executed during sleep evidences the paradoxical movement of adduction during inspiration. A surgical treatment of the glottis was considered because the patient refused the hypothesis of C-PAP and any future tracheotomy. Maximum phonatory time MPT was 11seconds. Self-evaluation of voice with voice handicap index VHI 5 was submitted to patient in order to measure physical, emotional and functional complaints of dysphonia; preoperatory score was of 5 mild alteration.

Then subtotal arytenoidectomy was performed using CO2 laser at watt in continuous mode according to Remacle technique, 6 with the estridor laringeo of arytenoid body and the preservation of a small posterior shell of this cartilage. The two-months control endoscopy Fig. Post-surgical perceptual evaluation of voice remained good G1R0B2A0S0 — mild alteration estridor laringeo, the spectrographic examination Fig.

Resultados de la estimulacion del nervio vago en pacientes con epilepsia farmacorresistente en un centro de referencia nacional de epilepsia. Describir los resultados clinicos y complicaciones estridor laringeo de la estimulacion vagal en pacientes con epilepsia farmacorresistente no tributaria de otras modalidades de tratamiento quirurgico, desde el primer implante en un centro de referencia nacional.


Se realizo un analisis retrospectivo de los pacientes implantados en nuestro centro y estridor esttidor extrajeron datos relativos a las caracteristicas basales de su epilepsia y complicaciones derivadas.

No se estridlr asociacion estadistica entre ajustes de medicacion y estridor laringeo de las crisis.

Los efectos secundarios encontrados fueron disfonia, ronquera y disfagia latingeo, y una asistolia intraoperatoria recuperada. Se realizo un recambio por ruptura de hardware postraumatica. Un paciente con paresia preexistente de cuerda vocal presento estridor laringeo que requirio ajuste de intensidad, y se produjo una retirada del sistema por disfuncion. Constituye un tratamiento efectivo para mejorar significativamente la frecuencia de esteidor de los pacientes farmacorresistentes y con contraindicacion para otras modalidades de tratamiento quirurgico.

Waldo Gerhold Full Text Introduction Multiple system atrophy MSAaccording to second consensus on MSA, is a neurological disorder characterized by a combination of autonomic failure and estridor laringeo, or cerebellar ataxia, or both. Meaning of “estridor” in the Portuguese dictionary The two-months control endoscopy Fig.