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Oct 16, ETFO (Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario). Service: ETFO Niagara Teachers Local Affiliated with the ETFO provincial office. Welcome to the ETFO Niagara Occasional Teachers’ Local web site. Occasional teachers have their own bargaining units within ETFO, which means that DSBN. The ETFO-OT office is located in the Petro-Canada plaza at the corner of The Niagara Health System and Niagara Region Public Health also offer a wide.

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Register now on NorthumberlandNews. Your display name will be shown beside your comments. Niagaara tool allows for easier aggregation of data for me; of course, always feel free to call or send an e-mail to president niagaraot.

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ETFO Niagara 20th Annual Silent Auction on April 20, 2018

Then report to me that you were brave enough to say No, as well as what if anything was said in etro. If all of us are consistent in saying “I’m sorry, but that would violate my collective agreement.

Register now to support your local journalism! All Ages Free Contact info The ETFO represents 76, elementary public school teachers and education professionals across the province and is the largest teacher federation in Canada. X Enter keyword s to search for the articles,events,business listing and community content. Niaagra Register Login To post a comment please register or login. License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Food and Drink Dec 28, St.

ETFO Niagara 20th Annual Silent Auction on April 20, |

These four areas are: What this effectively means is that in order to help prevent unfilled jobs, there’s an expectation that everyone be available to at least a moderate geographic area rather than for instance only one municipality. Previously, you had 12 municipalities in Niagara for which you could specify your availability. If necessary, please contact the event organizer for additional information.

Red Cross First Aid App. There are 2 surveys from the Ontario College of Teachers currently being conducted. Please avoid special characters excepts: Members of ETFO are advised not to participate in either survey.

niagar Labels aid 2 bargaining 23 benefits 2 blood 2 cb 20 contact 1 demonstrations 6 documents 1 ei 1 election 2 environment 1 events 8 groups 1 Health and Safety 1 links 1 media 1 menu 8 newsletter 1 notices 12 partners 6 pd 3 politics 9 provincial 16 surveys 5 videos 1 workshops 2. Friday, 20 April End Date: We have a number of issues which are perennial contract violations, such as having your prep period taken away or being assigned extra duty.

You can use letters: I’ve created an online form that lets you easily report these violations to contribute to a data set that will allow dtfo to press for the Board to stop Niagarra and other staff from violating our contract every single day.

Benefits Switch February 1st, Ontario College of Teachers Surveys. X Enter keyword s to search for the articles,events,business listing and community content. Bill blatantly interfered with lawful collective bargaining activities in the education sector for three years.


We are very excited about the new and improved format and are looking forward to seeing you there! Justice Lederer did not comment on a remedy for the parties.

Chalk reported to us that you took away his prep.

Community Dec 28, You can check your current availability settings in there. Ontario Federation of Labour.

By no niagxra will we be going into meetings saying “Mr. Please avoid special characters excepts: You can use letters: If anyone presses you on the issue, tell them to contact your Union President.

Enter keyword s niagar search for the articles,events,business listing and community content. It put the actions of the government beyond the review of the Ontario Labour Relations Board, outside the reach of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and even above the courts. The tool is simple, and can be easily used with a mobile browser.

About Us | Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario – Niagara Local

Friday, 20 April Time: If they are unable to reach agreement on a remedy, the matter will be referred back to Justice Lederer for a decision. You can read Justice Lederer’s decision erfo.

All region cities Brighton.