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Itraconazole loaded ethosomes were prepared and characterized by vesicular shape, vesicular size, entrapment efficiency. Ethosomal gel were prepared and. J Cosmet Dermatol. Aug doi: /jocd [Epub ahead of print]. Novel ethosomal gel of clove oil for the treatment of cutaneous candidiasis. J Liposome Res. Nov doi: / [ Epub ahead of print]. Transdermal ethosomal gel nanocarriers; a promising.

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Morphology of selected vesicle E2was performed by using transmission electron microscope TEM. Further selected formulation was subjected to sonication to verify the effect on characterization. How to cite item.

Present investigation revealed that enhanced release kinetics of naproxen in ethosomal formulation. In conclusion, ethogels as promising lipid carriers proved their potential to enhance skin permeation with extended anti-hypertensive action of carvedilol.

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Synthesizing nanoparticles or nanovesicles is one of the methods that has been used to increase drug penetration through the skin [ 11 ]. Ethanol provides a higher skin penetration for entrapped vel compared to conventional liposomes because it facilitates ethosomes penetration [ 27 ].

The purpose of the cycling test ethosomap to determine the crystallization of drugs and syneresis in the gels. An in vitro penetration test was conducted to determine the effect of ethosomes to the penetration of QC.


Stability studies revealed no noticeable changes in drug release profile occurred. Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. Itraconazole loaded ethosomal gel system for efficient treatment of skin cancer. Triethanolamine was added to neutralize the pH of carbomer and obtain high viscous gel base [ 40 ].

The physical properties, including particle size, polydispersity index, and zeta potential were measured using a particle size analyser PSA type ZS Malvern United Kingdom at room temperature [ 38 ]. ethossomal

Bioavailability | Ethosomes | Ethosomal Gel | Quercetin | Transdermal | In Vitro Penetration

The drug content of the ethosomal gel formulations ranged from 0. He has published more than 25 research papers in high impacted journals and presented more than 25 research papers in international and national conferences. The molecular basis of nonmelanoma skin cancer. Diffusion flux for each dosage form was shown in Figure 5. A previous study on QC ethosomes by Park et al. In this study, QC-loaded ethosomes was incorporated into a gel dosage form.

Sou [ 46 ] found that a negative charge of zeta potential causes an increase of entrapment capacity. This method could increase the amount of QC penetrated up to 7. Its yellow colour became darker than the first it made. Agri and Aquaculture Journals Dr. Their physical properties were characterized, and then a selected ethosomal formula was incorporated into a gel dosage form.

In this research, k e was calculated by using PKSolver Software.

The thin film of ethosomes was hydrated with phosphate buffer solution pH 5. Water can hydrate the stratum corneum and open its compact structure, then QC penetrates easily through the skin [ 11 ].


Two gels, one ethosomal and the other non-ethosomal were prepared. Gels should not be too acidic or alkaline because they can irritate the skin.

International Journal of MediPharm Research. Topical application of Itraconazole for the treatment of Basal cell carcinoma represents a new hope in dermatology. Ethosomes of clove oil was formulated by using varying concentrations of soyaphosphotidyl choline and ethanol, and later, it was incorporated into carbapol base gels to form ethosomal gel.

In conclusion, ethosomal gel could increase penetration and bioavailability of quercetin compared to non-ethosomal gel.

Design, Development And Characterization Of Ethosomal Gel Of Naproxen |

They were acclimated for two weeks before the experiment. The primary content of ethosomes is phospholipid and ethanol.

The bioavailability of QC could be increased by choosing a better administration route.

Itraconazole, a commonly used antifungal that inhibits Hedgehog pathway activity and cancer growth. After that, the samples were vortexed again for 1 min, then centrifuged at rpm for 10 min.