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“The question is whether or not America is to enter a new and distressing phase of history where men no longer pursue happiness but buy it. Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut – The Euphio Question summary and analysis. It is consuming your life to the point where you seriously question whether or not this was the perfect ideal. 3. The Euphio Question contains.

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The Euphio Question

Shouldn’t cost euphii fifty bucks to make, so we’d price it in the range of the common man—five hundred bucks, say. The sets take the signal from the phone line, amplify it, and broadcast it through the houses to make everybody in them happy. He attributed his unadorned writing style to his reporting work. Radio signals from them get through the clouds to Fred’s antenna.

Jan 07, kwtf rated it it was amazing. Marion, who vents her maternal instincts on her immaculate furnishings, couldn’t hide her distress at Eddie’s turning the place into a gymnasium. Don’t you know somebody could get killed, coming around a blind curve into that thing? Eddie took the gun, aimed it at Marion ‘s bottle collection and fired. BenJamin rated it it was amazing Mar 03, euhpio Let me say again that all of Lew’s claims are true.

Well, six months ago Lew worked up a program around a young dreamer and faculty friend of mine, Dr. After he’d been silent for perhaps three quarters of euphoi hour, a look of concern crossed his face. Vonnegut trained as a chemist and worked as a journalist before joining the U. He also raises some big questions, such as how society today seems to only associate having a good time with those mind altering substances and if euphjo could be used to bring civilization to its demise.

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Fred laughed nervously, and Lew hunted euuphio his place in the script. I won’t deny that all three of us—Lew Harrison, the radio announcer, Dr.

Lew gave the volume knob on the euphio a twist. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Mar 31, Questiin rated it liked it Shelves: Return to Book Page. The Euphio Question by Kurt Vonnegut. Lew nudged Fred several times with his elbow.

Lew Harrison, who looked like an anarchist with his red eyes and fierce black beard, had been writing furiously in one corner of the room. The lights came on the instant she said it, but Fred and I were already in mid-air, descending on the gray box. While the rest of us lay draped around the room, whimpering about hunger, cold, and thirst, the questoin started the furnace again, brought blankets, applied compresses to Fred’s head and countless barked shins, blocked off the broken window, and made buckets of cocoa and coffee.

The poker slipped from Eddie’s hands. The noise wasn’t much to hear—a wavering hiss, more like a leaking tire than anything else. Controlling it, having it all the time, it becomes just another feeling.

Susan and I arrived just in time to join in the cheering as a big elm crashed down on our sedan. The premise of capitalism is that people are free to qeustion their own desires no matter the effect on others. The Euphio Question Summary A Professor of Sociology testifys before the FCC advising against the mass-production of a or “Euphio,” a box that transmits a signal of euphoria from space.


Welcome to the Monkey House – The Euphio Question Summary & Analysis

So this is Continuous happiness I always Imagined it something more. We crashed down on it together. Kurt Vonnegut, Junior was an American novelist, satirist, and most recently, graphic artist.

Fri 3 Aug It had the same effects as if they took cocaine or another form of hard drugs. No more fights over what TV or radio program to listen to. Report on the Barnhouse Effect. In questionn, I’d like to point out that Lew Harrison, the would-be czar of euphio, is an unscrupulous person, unworthy of public trust.

We make arrangements with the phone company to pipe signals from your antenna right into the homes of people with these sets. The question is, rather, whether or not America is questio enter a new and distressing phase of history where men no longer pursue happiness but buy it. And the way the people can show their gratitude is in real estate.

When awareness intruded on oblivion again, I felt around for the Beaver Patrol, and found them missing. I was snapped out of one, I recall, by a repetition of the doorbell’s ringing.

Or better put, how could we cope with only knowing happiness? A Western Union boy I hadn’t noticed before was sitting in a corner, miserably leafing through a pile of telegrams and making clucking noises.