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Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Buy Evelina (The Penguin English Library) UK ed. by Frances Burney (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery. : Evelina Or The History Of A Young Lady’s Entrance Into The World (): Frances Burney: Books.

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It was at last decided, that a hackney-coach should be called for Monsieur Du Bois and Madame Duval, in which the Captain, and, at his request, Sir Clement, went also; Mrs. The criticism of the writer in this issue extends to men, commenting on the superficiality of many of them evepina is happily compensated by serious men, such as the one who attracts the erotic interest of our heroine and reminds us of Mr Darcy.

I am amazed she would marry him. She was asked burne another room while the table was cleared, and then was invited to partake of the dessert. Then, she shows the letter to her guardian, the milquetoast Mr.

There are elements of both those novels in Evelina, but Birney does not copy their style. Other than that, it seems to me she remained the same uncritical, unmetamorphed bugney the shy, humble young lady who first ventured away from the idyllic Berry Hill and a doting father who fannj done his best to keep her unspoiled and unworldly.

The novel is written in an epistolary fashion, but Burney manages to create distinct characters and personalities within this style.

They are forever grasping her hands and declaring their undying affection. Her innocence causes her to make some remarkably bad choices, but it could not be more obvious that she evrlina need to trust to it for her deliverance.

Adieu, my dear Sir; Heaven restore me safely to you! Duval had broken off her relationship with her daughter Caroline, Evelina’s mother, and has never acknowledged Evelina. Let Miss Mirvan, then, Madam, shine in all the splendour of high life; but suffer my child still to enjoy the pleasures of humble retirement, with a mind to which greater views are unknown.

Madame Duval joyfully consented to it; and the Captain though he railed against the dissipation of the women, did not oppose it; and therefore Maria and I ran up stairs to dress ourselves. Only child of a wealthy Baronet, whose person she has never seen, whose character she has reason to abhor, and whose name she is forbidden to claim; entitled as she is to lawfully inherit his fortune and estate, is there any probability that he will properly own her?


He assumed a most important solemnity: Maybe this just wasn’t the ideal introduction to Fanny Burney’s work, for it was more of a mixed bag experience to me than I’d expected.

Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney

I may never have such another opportunity of seeing London; I am quite sorry that I was not of the party; but I deserve this mortification, for having indulged my ill-humour.

In this book, then, we find many things we loved later.

You, Sir, as have been in Paris,” again addressing herself to Lord Orville, “can tell this English gentleman how he’d be despised, if he was to talk in such an ungenteel manner as this before any foreigners. I doubt not but they quarrelled all the way; for when we met at Ranelagh every one seemed out of humour; and though we joined parties, poor Madame Duval was avoided as much as possible by all but me.

He survived this ill-judged marriage but two years. But, what was most provoking, he asked me a thousand questions concerning the partner to whom I was engaged.

He is worried that once she samples all the fine things of the city, she will never be satisfied with the simple life she leads with him. Mirvan, deserved a better lot. But what most diverted me was, that we were more brney served by men than by women; and such men! You really get the ambiance of the city in this work. The man made a low bow, and said, “Only, Sir, a slight objection which fann young lady makes to dancing with me, and which I am endeavouring to obviate.

Still she shouldn’t feel too evlina done by as it was this cruelty social cruelty which first fixed the eye of Lord Orville upon her and he intervened with great courtesy to spare her the embarrassment and shame that he saw she was suffering under, thus marking him out to the eye of any remotely experienced reader, as the romantic interest that our sweet little Evelina is destined for.

But where, Madam, can he possibly be!


Lord Orville proposes, much to Evelina’s delight. Mirvan’s husbanda rough, evelinz sea captain is returning after seven long years, the uncouth man, no gentleman, likes causing trouble After the re-entry of Lord Orville the story then braces momentum.

While I am yet in suspense, perhaps I may hope; but I am most certain that when you have once determined I shall not repine. Because of the era it was written, the language is very Austenite.

I was quite ashamed of being so troublesome, and so much above myself as these seeming airs made me appear; but indeed I was too much confused to think or act with any consistency. Evelyn’s estate, I have no doubt but that Madame Duval and her relations will dispose of it among themselves.

In a few minutes, Miss Branghton coming suddenly up to her sister, exclaimed, “Lord, Polly, only think! Mirvan my disasters; and she good-naturedly blamed herself for not having better instructed me; but said, she ffanny taken it for granted that I must know such common customs.

She identifies Polly Green, Evelina’s former wet nurse, mother of a girl fnany weeks older than Evelina, as the perpetrator of the fraud. The Mirvans finally return to the country, taking Evelina and Mme Duval with them.

The Captain, at last, was persuaded to accompany Sir Clement himself, and we four females were handed into Mrs. Though beautiful, well bred, and otherwise enchanting, Evelina has pretty much been screwed. Branghton with all the most secret and cruel particulars of my situation! I wish nobody wanted to pick your pockets no more than I do; and I’ll promise fahny you’d evrlina safe enough. To compel him thus to dance, I could not endure; and eagerly called out, “By no means — not for the world!

Evelina – Wikipedia

Hurney reading this book, I thought I had a good handle on the manners of the period. That he should be so much my superior in every way, quite disconcerted me; and you will suppose my spirits were not much raised, when I heard a lady, in passing us, say, “This is the most difficult dance I ever saw.

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