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Frequently asked questions about FCMA soft starters. 1. What is the difference between an FCMA and conventional magnetic amplifier or saturable core reactor . User case study on starting of pumps with FCMA soft starters on captive power in sponge iron plant with a view to save capital cost and maintenance cost. Fcma Soft Starter manufacturers – ELTECH ENGINEERING is a leading manufacturer & exporter of Fcma Soft Starter, Soft Starters, wholesale Fcma Type Soft.

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Eltech Engineering can design and build enclosures CNC Fabricated to meet skft specifications, and we offer full application engineering support at all stages of the design process.

We hope you find this website useful and invite you to contact us if there is anything we can help you with. Soft starter wiring The soft starter has following wiring connections: I talked with manufacturers and find FCMA technology very useful Bypass contactor operation can be time, Current or speed based. Low fault level on neutral side, highly economical, easy retrofitting on existing installations, Can sift located near the motor. B] Transformer starting Considerations — Transformer p.

I have talked to many users they are satisfied with FCMA technology as it requires nearly no maintenance Additionally the Genset will run at optimum load and efficiency, leading to fuel saving. Voltage drop limitations if any. It contains the wiring of 3-phase source input, the output to motor, and the bypass contactor connection. Suitable for extreme weather conditions.

This is popularised under FCMA technology by some manufacturers. Starting current up to less than 1. The Soft starters provide gradual increase stxrters voltage up to rated voltage ensuring even acceleration. Please see the following pages for reference.


MV / HV FCMA Soft Starter

The FCMA Soft Starter is connected in series with the motor either in Line or in Phase and thus controls the starting current and starting torque As the motor speed increases the FCMA impedance decreases to achieve incremental voltage and torque for the motor while keeping the current constant. Posted by Hitesh Vadnagare at 3: As the net flux is sinusoidal sgarters FCMA does not generate any harmonics. Higher motor life due to reduced Mechanical and Electrical stresses, Capital cost saving in power systems.

Widely used Cost effective Flawless performance Easy installation Precisely engineered. To summarize, Soft Starters can optimize the starting performance of motors and motor manufacture can concentrate on improving running performance to ensure lower life cycle costing. Motor torque speed curve. Soft starter setting Soft starter allows the output staters decreases gradually to achieve soft stop, in order to protect the equipment.

Assured support for commissioning and after sales services. Grid capacity minimum scc mva Transformer generator capacity. Unique FCMA technology, Low startfrs current, Amplitude control, Sinusoidal Waveform, Rugged magnetic design No harmonics, No maintenance, Suitable for extreme stsrters conditions, Built in bypass for full voltage, Run Indoor and outdoor models Line or neutral models available, Optional soft stop feature.

FCMA Soft Starter

Number of Employees 11 to 25 People. An additional coil protection relay is provided for additional safety. The motor current is kept constant due to the balancing effect of Cemf feedback. Established inEltech Engineering is established with the aim to be the absolute best industrial electrical solution provider.


So, that is why your sgarters starter is probably tripping. This is popularised under HFSR technology by some manufacturers.

Ramp Dwell period Energy Optimizing These operating stages are as shown in figure below: It can also optimize total power system. Why bunkering pump motor trip in the morning? Standard models will be 3 to 3.

Call Send a quick message. Eltech Make Soft Starters are an integrated solution for motor starting and protection with user-friendly features to ensure safe and easy operation. We provide to clients our technical expertise in the area of motor starting solutions and power control, with our strong understanding of applications and client requirements. This helps in optimizing the power source i.

Customization Expertise in application engineering. Products Contact us China soft starters manufacturer Softstarter gozuk. Flux Compensated Magnetic Amplifier soft starters are step less reduced Voltage starters which ensure a constant low starting current with incremental voltage and torque to the motor to achieve smooth acceleration of the drive.

This is innovative technology for incremental motor voltage and torque at constant reduced current. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. The magnet is provided with a retentive core so that even in the event of control supply failure the magnet opens fcmz after 0.

The soft starter is connected in series with the motor either on the line zoft or neutral side and thus, controls the starting current and starting torque. Such high values sttarters current have following implications.