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Compare Cyberoam vs FortiGate. 67 verified user reviews and ratings of features , pros, cons, pricing, support and more. Choose business IT software and services with confidence. Compare verified reviews from the IT community of Fortinet vs. Sophos in Enterprise Network. Get a feature-wise comparison of Simplewall vs Cyberoam vs Fortigate and see what firewall & content filtering software is best for your needs.

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The main benefit is the grouping of our security monitoring. It is more expensive than cheap routers, but it offers a lot of functionality, and that warrants the price. Each FortiGate includes the widest range of security and networking functions on the market, including: Simplewall vs Cyberoam vs Fortigate Compare Simplewall vs Cyberoam vs Fortigate and see how they stack up against each other with respect to firewall protection, content filtering, bandwidth management, user policy management, remote access, license pricing and support costs.

So if you can shorten the deliver time it’d be great. The pricing is perfect.

I do not have personal experience with the pricing of the solution because my boss has been taking care of that aspect of cybsroam relationship with the solution. The best feature is the flexibility the product offers, in terms of remote access.

If an email slips in, I get a little bit worried. Time-based policy management for Users as well as Content. Abdul Faheem Electrical Engineer at a transportation company.


Once in a while, an unwanted email will slip in. Apr 20, Cyberoam network security appliances, available as UTMs and Next Generation Firewalls, deliver enterprise-class network security with stateful inspection firewall, VPN and IPS, offering the Human Layer 8 identity-based controls and Layer 7 application visibility and controls. Web and content filtering are valuable in preventing people from abusing the network and pushing up the bandwidth price. It gives you a seamless and simple integration into a large network.

Fortinet FortiGate vs. Sophos Cyberoam UTM

Cyberoam ensures high levels of network security, network connectivity, continuous availability and secure remote access with controlled network access to road warriors, telecommuters, partners, customers. Rule-based bandwidth allocation for Web Traffic.

I think there could be more QoS features I would like to see improvements made to the dashboard and UI, as well as to the reporting. It provides all the features we needed and the price is comparable with others’ firewalls.

FortiGate Network Se Vs. Cyberoam | ITQlick

When I get back to cs and tell them this is the issue, they check everything and say it is not in their database signature and they have to update it. It is cost-effective Purpose built hardware and add-ons are costly. Whitepaper and case studies here. Cyberoam Average Rating The average rating of Cyberoam is 4. The rating is based on 17 aggregated online reviews.


Cyberoam CR 50iNG vs FortiGate 60C Quick Comparison | juan pablo patiƱo –

It enables our organization to become more productive. FortiGate consolidated security platform delivers unmatched performance and protection while simplifying your network.

Prices are very high. Simplewall is the most comprehensive firewall, content filter and UTM for small businesses. Medium business, Large business Business Area: Skip to main content. It has very easy management and an amazing ETM configuration. It is valuable for combining two ISPs. See our Fortinet FortiGate vs. To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, Cyberoam Technologies Pvt Ltd disclaims all warranties of accuracy or otherwise in respect of the cybeoram.

I have no comment about the pricing.

Here are some excerpts of what they said:. That has really improved our functioning, because we were really facing The beauty is the price performance ratio is great with FortiGate. FortiGates are available in a large range of sizes and form cybberoam and are key components of the Fortinet Security Fabric, which enables immediate, intelligent defense against known and new threats throughout the entire network.

This comparison is not exhaustive and may not be accurate. Easily and fully field upgradable.