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Eligibility/Benefit Inquiry and Information Response (/), its related .. The implementation guides for X12N and all other HIPAA standard transactions are available .. technical report type 3 documents and code sets. . by calling toll-free at option 2, 0, and then 3. / Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response Companion Guide- HIPAA version Version .. The ANSI X12N TR3s and Erratas adhere to the final HIPAA Transaction Regulations and have been are available electronically at Free Standing Prescription Drug. Medicaid / HIPAA Companion Guide .. the ANSI X12 and transactions may be found at or can Free-Form Message Text.

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For Providers

Report of prior testing related to this service, including dates Start: Length of time for services rendered. Care Plan Oversight Number Start: Specific findings, complaints, or symptoms necessitating service Start: Other insurance coverage information health, liability, auto, etc.


Summary of services Start: Refer to codes for lab notes and for pathology notes Start: Is service the result of an accident? Accident date, state, description and cause. Gree there a release of information signature on file? Date of previous pacemaker check Start: No agreement with entity.

Entity not eligible for medical benefits for submitted dates of service. Is medical doctor MD or doctor of osteopath DO on staff of this facility? Claim or Encounter Identifier Start: Claim submitted to incorrect payer. Coordination of Benefits Code Start: Some originally submitted procedure codes have been combined.

HIPAA and EDI – AvMed

Waiting for final approval. Patient Condition Description Start: Payment reflects usual and customary charges.

Subscriber and policyholder name mismatched. Copy of transplant acquisition invoice. Arterial Blood Gas Quantity Start: Entity’s specialty license number. Reasons for more than one transfer per entitlement period Start: Multiple claims or estimate requests cannot be processed in real-time.


Investigational Device Exemption Identifier Start: Entity not approved as an electronic submitter. Certification Condition Indicator Start: Entity not eligible for dental benefits for submitted dates of service.

Companion Guides

See Functional or Implementation Acknowledgement for details. Patient release of information authorization.

Entity’s health maintenance provider id HMO. The greatest level of diagnosis code specificity is required.