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Greetings all, I am trying to use fscommand in a Flash file to open a through a batch file. The ActionScript in my Flash movie is attached to a button. Fscommand EXEC Tutourial (executing external files). Yo, people! Boy, what a day I’ve had. I went all over the Flash Kit boards, looking for help. fscommand(“exec”,” /C start “); I have pdf files in the root directory with the projector file as well as a sub directory called ‘fscommand’.

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Power To Spare Are exfc on a tight schedule? Results 1 to 9 of 9 Thread: In flashplayer 5, its a little tougher because a patch came out that doenst allow it to execute exe files. This entry was posted fscommsnd Aaron West on October 29, at 2: Anyone know why this doesn’t work?

A little off topic, but do you know how, when using the fscommand for fullscreen in the exe, to then load in a swf to that movie at “NOT” fullscreen? It just doesn’t work.

I remember reading somewhere it said that Flash Player 6 won’t allow you to launch exe files as a security measure. I have seen that the external file must be under the folder fscommand. All times are GMT Definitely worth a read. Unfortunately, Flash won’t directly open a “. You saved my behind! And this is the code.


Conquering FSCommand EXEC

However I found that answer and now I am not sure I can open a fscomand exe by another flash exe. Here’s what I have working:.

You know, so bitmaps aren’t all pixelated. If the specified file is not found in the fscommand folder, it won’t run.

It was filed in the following categories: Do you have a difficult problem you need help with? You dxec give the command “exec” and the filename to execute an external file. Regards David Byng www.

But it works, probably wrong fscomkand of giving folder path. I hope this helps! When I finally got all the info, I decided to write a tutorial so that nobody would EVER have to go through that big mess called fscommand. Yes unfortunately I have to use Flash Projector. If a BAT file with the same name can’t be found, proxy will just fail silently. Sign up using Facebook. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear.

I’m subscribing to your RSS, hehe. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Hope that can help. Place your PDF document called file1. It’s probably used in their other installers as well, I just don’t have them. I’ll be trying that.

Last edited by DrFunko; at Thank you once again. We make the best swf2exe tool on the market and we create custom software solutions for clients all over the world. However, I am using Flash 5 fscommaand have tried this on several computers where there is a variation between Player 5 and 6. This fscommand folder must be located in the same directory as the Flash projecter file that issues the fscommand call.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Quick Navigation ActionScript 2. March 30, Download: This is the same command as I have used before and it worked fscommanr.

You don’t have to store the files you want to open in the fscommand folder, but for your first test this makes things easier. Everything else I looked up didn’t work, you saved my ass, thank you!!!!!

Aaron West’s Technology Blog: FSCOMMAND “exec” and Subfolders

Fzcommand by Aaron West at 2: The solution is to create a batch file. But it will open a “. Anyone know why the FSCommand Exec command doesn’t seem to work? It then looks for a BAT file in the same directory with the same base name, i.