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Find great deals for Yaesu FT R Radio Transceiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Yaesu FTR is a VHF 2M FM mobile amateur radio transceiver. It is currently in production. Technical description[edit]. Transmit Frequency Range Buy Yaesu FTR Mobile Radio & MFJB Mag Mount Antenna Bundle: Fixed-mount CB Radios – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible.

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Yaesu FT-2900R: The Champion Heavyweight

The Yaesu FTR is a 2 meter heavyweight. As I explain below, this is a wonderful radio, but its uses may be somewhat limited.

Yaesu radios also come with a warranty certificate on which the serial number is pre-stamped. Note that the speaker is on the bottom of 2900t radio, so slightly elevating the chassis is recommended.

It cannot be overstates how burly the FTR appears. The entire chassis is one black, die-cast heat sink, and even the knobs feel very industrial. It weighs in at 4 lbs 4 oz. The power button is an easy-to-push red button, just to the right of the mic input. The rest of the 22900r are rather typical, and can me read about in the user manual my intent is not to rewrite the manual! Ct on the right side of the screen, the oversized tuning knob works very well.


The display is as big and bold as the unit itself. The Signal Strength Meter is located along the lower edge of the screen, similar to most other mobile radios. Let me just say, this Yaesu microphone really throws me for a loop.

Yaesu FTR – Wikipedia

First of all, the PTT switch. Yep, the most often used buttons are awkwardly placed on the top of the mic, recessed into the plastic, even.

Why they are labeled alphabetically on the microphone is unclear. Like most mobile radios, the FTR 22900r offers RF squelch, which mutes the audio based on RF strength rather than noise level more on RF squelch can be found on the blog.

Now, for me personally, I rarely if ever use the highest power setting on a mobile. Heck, my local repeater only pushes 25 watts, and that thing has some serious reach!

My thoughts are, do you really need to be on 75 watts?

Or even 30 watts? Just some things to think about.

Yaesu FTR, Yaesu FTR Mobile Transceiver

It can also be set to stop after one complete scan, or it can be allowed to continue scanning until all 31 channels are filled. Just a few final features to bring up regarding the FTR. But have at it! Perhaps the most useful function of this 29000r during Search and Rescue operations, where personnel need to stay within simplex distance with one another at all time.


Callsigns can also be programmed to transmit every 10 minutes as morse code in order to satisfy FCC requirements. But think about it this way: In fact, the 75 watts of the R are sort of its claim to fame. If you decide to shop for the Yaesu FTRconsider checking out some of the links I have on this post like the one earlier in this sentence!

Do you have an interesting story with the 9200r Have you used the ARTS function in a real-life situation? Though slightly hindered by size and weight, its decidedly rugged features make this radio ready for just about anything.

The Yaesu FTR packs a punch, putting out a whopping 75 watts of power on the 2 meter.