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The instructions provided here are insufficient for completing a working ACD installation. While the subject of attaching a supply cable to the ACD is. The Furman ACD Power Distro is a compact rack mount power distribution system that is ideal for touring PA systems, touring musical and theatrical acts. Find great deals for Furman Acd AC Power Distribution ACD Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Furman ACD ac power distro I own a PA with four jbl cabinets, two EV subs and four yamaha monitors all passive. I have three crown xti power amps to run everything separated.

He said that it is a terrible mistake not to handle my pa with a distro because I have to distribute the load. This furman handles amps to five “channels” of 20 amps each.

My first queastion is: My secon question is if I definitely need a distro like the furmanACD and if the answer is yes how is the procedure, and what stuff should I connect there? And my last question is if the distro can be connected to the furman pl plus conditioner or I don.

Do you have a qualified electrician to tap a distro into power at each venue? Most of them are lazy and sometimes they don. Why does everyone ask this? How many of us sound guys out there that use a distro are qualified vurman Obviously you should seek help if you don’t know what you’re doing, at least the first few times until fuman understand how to safely get the job done.


It’s unreasonable to think you or the venue is going to provide an electrician to you every time you arrive to set up. At least not at the levels most of us are hired into to provide sound.

Before I buy a Furman ACD distro, I’d like your opinions

I guess what I’m saying is Seek professional help the first time s you need to tap in. Pay attention and do things right. Several people don’t feel comfortable tapping in EVER!

Distros are nice, when the outlet is provided with the appropriate power but not every place has exactly what you need: That’s kinda the headache you run into. The other thing is that some clients call for a live sound the same day and I don. Right now you are running all of your equipment on one 15Amp circuit if you are using your furman pl plus C for your whole system.

The distro will offer you several 20A circuits to run your system on adc-100 it will not offer you protection from power anomalies.

Furman ACD 100 ac power distro

Yes but if this helps me to have more protection that could be good. I have read many posts by you and I get the impression you can probably handle a power tap. The original post in this thread did not give me the impression that the poster even understood the concept of power distribution for a sound system. Fueman would give you different advise than I would give him. No offense, but this is bad advice. In this state, tie in is illegal unless you are a licensed electrician. A tie in is dangerous.

I carry a distro, and not once have I ever hooked it up my self and don’t intend to. I ask for an outlet since it does have a plug acdd-100 the feeder, and if the venue doesn’t supply it, then I run off what they have or I don’t run the system. I am not saying that many don’t tie in alone, because I know they do.


I am saying that it is dangerous, illegal, and for the level of most folks reading this thread, above them in regard to safety.

To tell anyone on a public board, read by weekend warriors, that they should learn to tie in without regard is just plain misguided. If you are running the entire rig off one amp source then you are already getting most of the protection possible.

The problem come when you are pulling more than 15 or 20 depending on the setup amps and can no longer get acv-100 just plugging into the wall.

There is added protection when using a distro.

You are connected directly to the main service of the building most times and can have greater confidence in knowing you stuff is wired correctly even if the buildings wiring is suspect. If you are running all of your gear without tripping the amp breaker I would not worry about it at all. But that is just me. I feel we are not on the same page here.

Furman ACD AC Power Distribution Rack ACD B&H Photo

You keep asking about a distro but you keep bringing up the word “protection”. These are two separate topics.

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