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View and Download FUTABA 6XA instruction manual online. [Note: the will work with Futaba PCM receivers T6XAs/T6XHs may be used for sailplanes. Home · Downloads; Instruction Manual. Transmitter: Air. Download. 6K [ PDF: MB ]. Download. 6L [ PDF: MB ]. Download. 10J [ PDF: MB ]. Download . Filename: futaba manual for t6xa. Date: 12/9/ Type of compression: zip. Total downloads: Nick: tatti. File checked: Kaspersky.

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FUTABA 6XA Instruction Manual

Be sure to avoid vibration, shock, and temperature extremes. If you are using any preprogrammed mixers such as flaperon, be sure to set correct travels in the REV menu setting up the preprogrammed function. This usually requires a relatively small amount of elevator travel.

Find More Posts manuwl chachacharumba.

Futaba T6XA FM -HAM Band- 50mhz, Case, Charger, Manual

I have the T6XA if you have any questions. Both elevator and rudder travel can be Up Elevator Left Rudder view from rear adjusted independently. Where did you find it on line? Modification, adjustment, and replacement of parts. When active, you may directly input the top-end ATV percentage. Ask an experienced pilot for assistance. Flpr FLPR — Flaperon Mixing The Flaperon mixing function uses two servos to individually control two ailerons, combining the aileron function with the flap function.


Send a private message to chachacharumba. SEAL on the easily removable nickel-cadmium battery contained in Futaba. Dual rates are used because most models have different response characteristics depending on their airspeed. Both ailerons can be raised and lowered simultaneously for a ftuaba effect.

Send a private message to RCKen. The model type letters will stop flashing to indicate the changed model type.

Page 26 If you wish to have the flaps operate with the flashing CH6 knob, go back to the menu and FLTR input a number greater than zero. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Listen for a As as close as you can, then readjust the subtrim before, first set them mechanically, then adjust the electronic settings. You may also contact your local recycling.

Press on the buttons until appears on the menu. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Futaba T6XA FM -HAM Band- 50mhz, Case, Charger, Manual | #

Fly the model on A. Page 43 correct for an undesired pitching tendency the latter is described in the ACRO model setup section.

Repeat for the other channel numbers. Manuak, with a single flap, the flap is dropped. Send a private message to ricktrcu. Acrobatic aircraft menu 39 ATL. Procedures which may lead to a dangerous condition or cause death or. Mixer warning The MIXER warning is displayed mabual alert you flashing whenever you turn on the transmitter with any of the mixing switches active.


P-at to reverse channels as necessary to get proper throw directions.

HOLD — Throttle Hold The Throttle Hold function moves the engine throttle servo to a selected position near idle, and disengages it from the mqnual stick. If any changes are made, go back over the previous steps and verify, or further adjust as necessary. Ni-cd Battery Charge the Batteries!

Changes in rotor speed caused by temperature, humidity, or other conditions can be accommodated. Adjust servo arms and ATV values to get this motion, measured with a pitch meter. Related pages are given in parenthesis following the definition. The mixing point may also be offset to match the neutral flap position. Our instruction manuals need to encourage our customers to return spent batteries to Futaba or a local recycling center in order to keep a healthy environment.

Once again, Thanks for your help.