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While Sengoku has a Lifepath that will guide you in selecting skills, disadvantages, et multiple cetera, the Fuzion system itself is a pure point. Lifepath generator. Basics. Personality The above lifepath was generated using the Fuzion lifepath generator with the Superpowers plugin. They own it, I’m . Artesia uses a heavily modified version of the Fuzion lifepath model (which is awesome by Please explain the concept of a “life-path system”.

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Templates are featured in certain Fuzion campaigns, which can be chosen by players to help design a well rounded character suited for a specific career, such as police officer, soldier, doctor, etc. Talsorian and Hero Games, Lifepath was revitalized and has become a staple of new Fuzion powered games such as Bubblegum Crisis and Champions: When making an opposed roll against another character, or NPCthe resolution is handled differently and attempt to counteract what the opposition does.

After a good game of FuzionReferees can reward characters with more Option Points, or Award Pointswhich they can use to improve skills, and convert to money to buy more equipment.

Perks are similar to Talents, but are not innate to the character. Views Read Edit View history. For example, to raise a stat from 4 to 5 costs 25 option points 5×5.

One CP pays for one point in an attribute; you must pay at least 1, and the maximum depends on the power level your GM set. If permitted in your campaignOkuden and Ki Powers should be budgeted for now. You may spend points in any order as long as the lifepsth at the end come in at or below your GM’s set power level.


Fuzion – Wikipedia

Consider Okuden and Ki Powers p. Fuzion is noted for its anime -genre support, customizable rules flexibility, and being one of the first generic game systems to be released for free over the internet.

The attacker only rolls dice during the combat Phase, which helps speed a combat scene along. Fuzion uses rounds, called Phasesto time actions taken in combat. Fewer points would be given for low-power games set in a more realistic, “mundane” world.

It is one of the first games to readily allow licensing, albeit not the “hands-off” licensing offered by the Open Gaming License OGL that came about some years later.

There is no short list and the whole chargen has no red-twine 1 to lead somebody along easily.

It will also only inflict DC 3 of damage because the character’s STR is 2 less than the minimum of 5. Atomik Lifepath Average Fuziob It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. If you know an idiom that would transmit that better, feel free to change it. For instance, a light weight handgun typically has a DC of 3; meaning 3d6 is rolled to determine the damage it causes when it hits something.

Lifepath generator

To raise a primary stat costs 5 option points per level starting with the first. No Web Links Found. Templates explain things about the character’s job, and give a listing ufzion particular Skills, Talents, Complications, Perks and starting equipment. Fuzion is a generic role-playing game system created by the collaboration of R.


Fuzion is an adaptable system which can be played in any genre and setting imaginable. For every liefpath of STR under the minimum, the weapon does one less die of damage.

Stats of 5 and 6 are considered “heroic”; 7 and 8, are “legendary”; 9 and above are “superhuman”. Likewise, Stats can be removed without too much difficulty. You may take up to 50 points in Complications p. The value of complications vary based on their severity and your Caste.

I strongly recommend using the Templates chargen rules p. Six-sided dice are always used for damage rolls, regardless of using a d10 lifepzth other die types for checks. This page does not exist. Sengoku uses 13 attributes – Fuzion’s standard 10, plus three spiritual attributes. They can be lost or taken away by actions in the game.

Concept and Power Level. Further 10’s may be rerolled. A permanent Complication, such as Missing Limb, is always a problem for a character and returns many points.

For the average “competent” human, each Stat has a level of 3 or 4, while 1 and 2 represent mundane abilities.