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The Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game series was produced by West End Games, and consisted of two core titles, namely Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful. : Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game [Box Set] () by Sandy Petersen and a great selection of similar New. Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Role-Playing Game and Ghostbusters International ‒ colloquially and collectively called simply the.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Equipment Cards and a Ghost Die.

Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game

Used to have this game and was lost due to fire. Ftightfully precursor to D6 System. Even more dice can be added to the pool with the expenditure of Brownie Points, which were a very early showing of hero points.

I wish we had a free web site then! If the player’s roll equals or exceeds the difficulty number, the character succeeds at the task. Collect ghost cards as you move your Ghostbusters playing piece toward the ghost trap at the top of the Museum stairway.

Now the Ghostbusters have joined the magazine’s staff as consulting investigators, gjostbusters suddenly readership is up, profits are rising, and Something Evil is trying to destroy the world! As always ghostheads are welcome.

Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Role Playing Game

Wells Award for Best Roleplaying Rules. How about the video games? The chase takes place on a winding 4-part path. If you’re first to collect 4 ghost cards, climb the Museum stairway and close the ghost trap, you’ll stop the Baron from scarin’ Evidence Little Lori Blander has a problem.


Went on internet last week and couldnt believe it was a rare collectable. Character generation in Ghostbusters begins with a simple character point mechanic for assigning character cneerfulwhich it calls Traits.

The illustrations were mostly of the stars of the movies, with little bits of text as quoted by Venkman, Spengler et al. Tweet produced the cult hit Over the Edgewhilst Rein-Hagen came up with the immensely successful Vampire: Who are they going to call?

Ghostbusters – A frightfully cheerful roleplaying game

Contact Juvenile delinquents from Outer Space! To create a character, simply spread 12 points over those four Traits, putting at least one in each. But did any of rloeplaying ever make you ghostbustets like you were really a Ghostbuster?

The Masqueradethe system of which would go on to drive the World of Darkness roleplaying games as well as Exalted and many other White Wolf Publishing games.

Baron Bones could suddenly knock you off the trail, or “zap” you and free one of your ghosts!

Ghostbusters RPG

Each character must also be assigned four Talents. As the first known “dice pool” system it had an influence on other role-playing games, too: The Real Ghostbusters Ghostbusters: We recommend starting with the super-simple Reference File A: Close Encounter of the Third Kind: When the Ghostbusters pull the Blanders down off the ceiling, they discover a tablet that predates human intelligence by at least a week.


I incorrectly assumed they were your physical books that had been scanned to share. Your ad here, right now: Each character begins with 12 points, which the character’s player assigns to the four Traits: The character’s score in each Talent is three points higher than the associated Trait.

What do I need to play? For all those who wanted to be Ghostbusters and already have a career, Ghostbusters International presents the following: Ghostbusters features an intentionally minimalist rules system.

It allowed you and those you played the game roleplying to open your own franchise, be a trained Ghostbuster, take cases, and bust some ghosts.

Play the stars from the hit movies – smooth Peter Venkman, brainy Egon Spengler. Create your own local Ghostbusters International office, and play your own dashing Ghostbusters! Do you see what I did there?

None other than your out-of-town Ghostbusters International franchise! Original woodcut illustrations from the ‘s edition!