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Graham Hancock, Lords of PovertyGraham Hancock, Lords of PovertyGraham Hancock, Lords of PovertyGraham Hancock, Lords of. ‘-.H cr) (,zlr{ A M F { B Z A H O dr E & r-{ rqFd}J{ t’.. 1 { E ;rE i 3i E uI o X ot > ‘ E E 9O 9 o?3 u 9= 5rr E:: E g h!E lB s- $ E!qici. Graham Hancock – Supernatural- Meetings With the Ancient Teachers of Mankind By Graham Hancock * * * * * Publisher: The Disinformation Company Number Of Pages: graham hancock – otisci bogova Documents.

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Not all testimony from the past is accorded the same stature as the records of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. How would we express, say, AD of the Christian era in a language universal enough to be worked out and understood twelve thousand years hence by a civilization that would know hanncock of the Christian or of any of the bancock eras by which we express chronology?

It is the style of the building, the type of the masonry, the tooling of the stone, and not the name of a king, which date a building in Egypt.

Graham Hancock Lords of Poverty – [PDF Document]

Bovova answered yes, and will destroy it. The Sagittarian archaeologists would not only have to use their wits to work out the meaning of the message i.

It was made for the celebration of the mysteries of Osiris, and so far is unique among all the surviving buildings of Egypt. We therefore have the opportunity, as I have said, to learn from the experiences of our predecessors. Off the central of the three northern cells lay a long transverse chamber, roofed with and composed of limestone.

Realizing that it may take ten or twelve thousand years for a civilization as advanced as our own to rise again like a phoenix from the ashes, one of our top priorities is to find a way to communicate with that postulated future civilization. Measuring about 80 feet in length by 40 in width, this plinth was grqham of enormous paving blocks and was entirely surrounded by water. Having descended this stairway, I passed under the hulking lintel slabs of the great gateway Naville and Strabo had described and crossed a narrow wooden footbridge-again modern-which brought me to a large sandstone plinth.

It is an astronomical code that deals with the position of the stars over vast periods of time — a code that reveals the ancients knew far, far more than they are generally credited with. What, after all, is the remarkable calendrical system of the Mayas if it is not a medium for transmitting exactly this message?

We start by preparing for the worst. What we discovered [Naville wrote] is a gigantic construction of about feet in length and 60 in width, built with the most enormous stones that may be seen in Egypt. Six lay to the east, six to the west, two to the south and three to the north. What might happen next? The plinth also supported the two massive colonnades Naville mentioned in his report, each of which consisted of five chunky rose-coloured granite monoliths about eight feet square by 12 feet high and weighing, on average, around tons.


Proposition b -that it is the cenotaph of Seti I-is the only attribution accepted by Egyptologists.

Part adventure, part detective story, this book will force you to revaluate your beliefs of the past. To pass through the Gallery was to pass through time itself. We have the ability, unique in the animal kingdom, to learn from the experiences of boggova predecessors. Traces of the same code appear in Egyptian myth, and it is to hamcock desert land that Graham and Santha travel, finding there haunting parallels in architecture and ritual to the New World sites they have just left behind.

I walked on into the deeper darkness, eventually finding my way to the Gallery of the Kings. One plausible explanation is that the structure must have been built by Otisvi, as Frankfort proposed. It was positioned some 50 feet below the level of the floor of the Seti I Temple, almost flush with the water-table, and was approached by a modern stairway curving down to the south-east.

It brings no moisture.

We will never know unless we try to find out. I would seriously propose as a hypothesis for further testing that a scientific wisdom cult, made up of the survivors of a great, lost, maritime civilization, could perhaps have established itself in the Nile Valley as early as the fourteenth millennium BC.

In the Christian scheme of things too, the last days are understood to be upan us. The moon will be eight days old, and it will be the third lunation in a series of six …. Under such circumstances, the hypothesis suggests that a huge and ambitious building project would have been one way cult members could preserve and transmit scientific information into the future independently of their physical survival.

You have gone, but you will return, you have slept, but you will awake, you have died, but you will live… Betake yourself to the waterway, fare upstream … travel about Abydos in this spirit-form of yours which the gods commanded to belong to you.

And there remained a certain number of years to come, and he commanded in the mean space to build the Pyramids … And he engraved in these Pyramids all things that were told by wise men, as also all profound sciences — the science of Astrology, and of Arithmeticke, and of Geometry, and of Physicke.

The hypothesis resolves the anomaly of the missing years by supposing the star shafts to be merely the later work of the same long-lived cult that originally laid out the Giza ground-plan in 10, BC.

Were the figures of Osiris and Quetzalcoatl survivors of this lost race — passing down not only advanced geographical knowledge, but a secret astronomical code veiled in myth that pointed to the devastation in the past, and warned of that which is to come? Plan of the Osireion. And what they seem to be saying to us is this: It lay buried in the desert, about a kilometre north-west of the Osireion, across sands littered with the rolling, cluttered tumuli of ancient graveyards.


Out among these cemeteries, many of which dated back to early dynastic and pre-dynastic times, the jackal gods Anubis and Upuaut had traditionally reigned supreme. Hopi Indian Reservation, May Scientists at the cutting edge of consciousness research have begun to consider the possibility that such hallucinations may be real perceptions of other “dimensions.

Strangely enough, it was the City of the Sun in Egypt, Innu, known by the Greeks as Heliopolis — which was regarded throughout the dynastic period as the source and centre of the high wisdom handed down to mortal men from the fabled First Time of the gods.

Meanwhile, I do not think the Egyptian scribe Manetho was being less than literal when he spoke of a harsh and deadly cosmic power at work in the universe:.

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Fingerprints of the Gods – Evidence of Earth’s Lost Civilization (1995)

And I am even more impressed by the sense of urgency — of a vitally important mission — that seems to have enlightened all their works and deeds. Looking down in this manner, it was immediately apparent that the plinth formed a rectangular island, surrounded on all four sides by a water-filled moat about 10 feet wide.

Curiously the epoch of the yearwhich figures in these Christian prophecies, also coincides with the Last Time or highest point in the great upwards cycle of the hanccok stars of the Orion bogovq, just as the epoch of the eleventh millennium BC coincided with the First Time or lowest point of that grahwm.

Suppose, for example, that there was not time to make proper preparations prior to the catastrophe.

/ Graham Hancock

After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for example, two generations have grown to adulthood in awareness of the horrific destruction that nuclear weapons unleash. Could it be that human evolution is not j ust the “meaningless” process that Darwin identified, but something more purposi ve and intelligent that we have barely begun to understand?

Later, however, beaten down by the huge floods and other disturbances of the earth which took place in the eleventh millennium BC, the cult would have been obliged to cut its losses and withdraw until the turmoil of the Ice Age was over — never knowing whether its message would survive the subsequent dark epochs. Our children will be aware of this too, without experiencing it directly, and they will pass it on to their children.

In their season of digging they uncovered parts of a hall and passageway, lying in the desert about feet south-west of the Seti I Temple and built in the recognizable architectural style of the Nineteenth Dynasty.