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LAHORE: Governor Punjab Malik Rafique Rajwana on Monday signed the Women protection Bill. The bill approved by the Punjab assembly. Punjab Assembly Ka Tahafuz-e-Khawateen Bill – by Prof. Riffat Mazhar – 28th February Posted By: Prof. Riffat Mazhar on February Huqooq e niswan act by mufti muneeb ur rehman. Women right and women protection bill in pakistan. Kati Kokab. Women right and women.

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Women’s Protection Bill – Wikipedia

First of all, according to the Islamic injunctions, lewdness and Zina are crimes not just against an individual, but against the whole society and the state. Gharilo aurat aur maashra: This is something which any normal person can tag as fake or unreal. Therfore, the right given to the government to reduce the punishment by removing the clause 20 section 5 of the Zina Ordinance is in disregard of Quran and Sunnah.

Once a case regarding Hadd is decided by a court then giving the right to the provincial government to condone or reduce the punishment given by the court is against Quran and Sunnah.

Haqooq Niswan Bill By Prof. Naeem Qasim (Dated: 05 March 2016)

Retrieved 5 May The bill approved by the Punjab assembly on February 24 was signed by the governor after which its gazette notification was issued. Cases will be shuffled between the courts, and it will become near impossible to redress the grievances of the oppressed.

On the other hand, the bill has been fiercely criticised by Islamist groups in Pakistan, [16] and religious parties boycotted the parliamentary vote on the bill on the basis that it was inaugurating an era of “free sex. The Noble Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam reprimanded the companion and said: The FSC finding no circumstantial evidence to support the latter charge, convict the male accused under section 10 2 …. Hussain Ahmed Paracha Dr.

In disguise of pretending to secure the rights of the women, they are planning to tear apart our strong family system, by putting more clauses and conditions between hqqooq and wives instead of understanding, tolerance and forgiveness; there will be no affection, sense of care nissan responsibility anymore. Maria Zulfiqar Khan Dr. How can bull expect it to be a positive or constructive? But if anyone wishes to analyze the matter in a just way, then I would like to request him to leave all propaganda aside for a while, and consider the following points: Bilp Ali Mirza Dr.


Pakistani politicians, just when you get bored of their regular insanity, they come with something new and extraordinarily insane. R Haris Niswann Brig.

When the mother will train his son how to treat women, he will become a good husband and will treat wife with respect and care as she deserve. According to this propaganda, if any rape victim intends to sue the offender under hhaqooq Hudood ordinance, she is asked to produce four witnesses to support her claim.

But since usually there is lack of sufficient evidence to proof that the woman is lying, even such cases are rare. R Mehmood Ali Durrani Gen. In case of wrongful accusation, a 3 month jail sentence or a fine of Rs50, to one lac or both may be ordered.

If you have any questions please contact us. The adulterer and the adulteress, scourge ye each one of them with a niswwn stripes. From the Sunnah Mutawatar is further proven that a married person is to suffer Rajm, i. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Arbab Alamgir Khan Dr. In article 3 of the Hudood ordinance has been stated that the regulations stated in this ordinance shall be given superiority over the other laws, that means if there be any contradiction between the regulations in this ordinance and the other laws, then the regulations of the Hudood ordinance shall be followed.

This is the law of nature. This risk of imprisonment, it is contended, has kept many women from trying to bring their attackers to justice. By declaring adultery Zina bil Razawhich is liable to Hadd, and lewdness above the jurisdiction of police, these crimes have been virtually made offences that cannot be punished at all.

Plus he will be ordered to wear a tracking anklet on his leg so his movement can be monitored from a control room through GPS tracking. In this injunction the word zina is absolute and includes zina bil-raza adultery as well as zina bil jabar rape. According the Hudood ordinance, Zina was an offence that fell under the jurisdiction of the police, whereas according to the bill under review it does not fall under the jurisdiction of the police. View All News Insight. It is not a one day job, it needs time and dedications and most importantly capability to arrange all this.


Real knowledge makes human beings humble, logical, evaluator and rational. After oaths from both sides have taken place the marriage will dissolve. Instead the crime could be proven through one witness, medical examination and chemical analysis report. Let us first test the correctness of this claim: At the time of lodging the complaint, one will have to produce two eye-witnesses, whose statement under oath shall be immediately recorded by the court.

Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan Dr. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, click here. And exactly this point has been used as justification by our president during his speech. Ahmad Shuja Pasha Lt. Therefore, when this punishment is prescribed for adultery with free will, the punishment for rape should be even more severe. Unfortunately the police in our country are quite prone to commit such acts of injustice while enforcing the law.

Now if as a result of such propaganda a certain matter is publicized so much that even the children on the streets talk about it, and then people tend to view anyone who talks against it as insane. However, if one was to assume that this risk has not yet been fully eliminated, then one could draft a law according to which no woman claiming to have been a victim of rape could be arrested under any article of the Hudood Ordinance, until the court has delivered its final judgment.

By disallowing a single court to give punishments according to evidences proving multiple or different kinds of offences will only encourage the criminals. Besides that, the discretionary punishment prescribed by the Hudood ordinance in case four witnesses could not be procured has been altered as follows: Views Read Edit View history. Thereafter the man admitted that he had raped her.