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You saw a recent teaser for the new Heavy Gear Blitz faction last week, but now we can officially announce the imminent launch of the NuCoal. Nucoal The New Coalition (NuCoal) was born in TN Initially it was a trade alliance between city states in the Westridge Range and Barrington Basin areas . Blitz Army Lists for NuCoal and Port Arthur Background on NuCoal and Port Arthur is a Field Guide (Faction Army List) for the Heavy Gear Blitz! miniature game.

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Since that fateful day, the former colonists have adapted to the characteristics of their new home planets and evolved into many distinct societies. We are going to need 1 more week to get everything finished up for the Kickstarter launch. As soon as the Jerboa finished should be this weekend we’ll be able to do the Heavyy video and launch the Kickstarter the middle of next week Wednesday Evening April 25th, Peace River Skirmisher Model Images. Now several cycles later Terra Novan years Peace River has rebuilt, and a unified Terra Novan force call Black Talon was established and sent out to keep an eye on Earth and find out heavj happened to the other colonies.

Estimated delivery Apr Our second Kickstarter was launched in Spring ofthis time to make new resin spaceships for our Jovian Wars nuoal wargame, with backer reward packages shipping out in Fall. Kickstarter to fund the plastic injection mold need to make plastic miniatures for Dream Pod 9’s Heavy Gear Blitz! Liberati and Corporate Eden Utopia. But following the abandonment of the colony by Earth the city-states of Terra Nova started banding together for protection and soon armed the Gears.


The final mass market retailer army box will be announced after all the Kickstarter Backer reward packages have shipped. Adjustments to model designs always have to be made to meet casting requirements but we have an excellent team in place to address and adjust to the challenges we face.

We’ve been working with the 3d modelers, who are finishing up the NuCoal Chasseur, Jerboa, and Chevalier models in Solidworks.

Heavy Gear Blitz is the fast and furious combine arms Tabletop Wargame where nkcoal pick a faction and build your army of: It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. Or you can download the Heavy Gear Blitz Quick Start Rulebook ebook with all the rules and just the plastic models from the first Kickstarter listed at the link below. All the HGB miniatures are to scale, you assemble and paint them and then fight battles on a tabletop with various terrain for cover.

Click the image below to visit Gear Grinder site. As a company with over twenty years experience in completing game development projects and with two successful fulfilled Kickstarter campaigns our be the heqvy risks to this project fall under the category of act of God.

We want to ensure a speedy fulfillment of backer rewards and when this project is completed we will be looking to future crowdfunding to fund additional projects.

Dream Pod 9: NuCoal

Support Select this reward. Nhcoal Gear Paint Set. Outside of the office, but still here in Montreal, is Alain Gadbois, with his company called Fusion Models, that handles all the resin casting and silicon mold making for DP9. Posted by Dream Pod 9 Creator. Questions about this project? The Heavy Gear Blitz! You nucoql select your faction and rules edition and then the models in your combat group and arrange their order so that the primary units models are first and support units at the end.


Such as if something happens to our molds or the production facilities themselves are damaged by a natural disaster. Today we are previewing the NuCoal Chevalier 3d model with images of stock and all variant models, plus the Command Head upgrade option part. Information about the havy paint set. NuCoal Chasseur Model Images. LeClerc, nuocal can see some of his latest work, the Chibi resin models that are available in the Add-Ons. Dream Pod 9 has a small in-house staff based in Montreal, Canada, were everyone does several jobs.

All material copyright Dream Pod 9 unless otherwise specified. If that is the case then we will provide backers with the opportunity to use some credit to choose from the other models produced.

Stretch Goals

The Gfar Novans are still distrustful of one another and small skirmishes still occur between their different factions, but they are united when faced with Earth or any who threaten their home. We are keeping this Kickstarter limited in scope considering the vast selection of armies and models available in Heavy Gear Blitz.

NuCoal Chevalier 3d Model Preview. Our commitment is to get you a great product and if delays happen in order to deliver on that promise then the expected delivery date will be re-evaluated.

They are fielding a force of new designs ranging from the tiny high-speed Jerboa Recon Gear to the massive Hussar Tankstrider.

Dream Pod 9 also wants to thank, our long time collaborators, Wunji Lau for helping us produce the Kickstarter video and graphic designer Greg Perkins for some of the Kickstarter graphics and Samuli Aura for his designing and maintaining the Gear Grinder website.