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In offering the two Latin words mundus imaginalis as the title of this discussion, I intend to treat a precise order of reality. It is perhaps worth making this essay available here in spite of the fact that it can also be found online here in a different translation. This pdf. Henry Corbin’s Mundus Imaginalis, Sufism, neurological damage, psychic opening, and imagination gone awry. by Barbara Croner & Sheila.

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Corbin, Alone with the Alone, pp.

Someone remembered me, my name was known to them! Many accounts show us this. Erica Jones marked it as to-read Oct 27, The shaykh is his Companion, and he tells him that he has come to find him: Neither the tales of Sohravardi, nor the tales which in the Shi’ite tradition tell us of reaching the “land of the Hidden Imam,” are imaginary, unreal, or allegorical, precisely because the eighth climate or the “land of No-where” is not what we commonly call a utopia.

Stefano Mattedi marked it as to-read Jan 04, Seth, the famous being channeled by medium Jane Roberts said something strikingly similar: One cannot but be struck by the concordance or convergence of the statements by the great Swedish visionary with those of Sohravardi, Ibn ‘Arabi, or Sadra Shirazi.

There is accordingly something like a control that keeps the Imagination from wanderings and profligacy, and that permits it to assume its full function: In his Histoire de la philosophie islamiquehe disproved in his research the common view that philosophy among the Muslims came to an end after Ibn Rushd.

Henry Corbin

The reason why I henryy had to find another expression was that, for a good many years, my calling and my profession required me to interpret Arabic and Persian texts, whose meaning I uenry undoubtedly have betrayed had I simply contented myself — even by taking all due precaution — with the term imaginary. But it is no longer at all certain that we are still on it when our traveler reaches the peninsula of the Shi’ites, coebin peninsula surrounded by four walls with high massive towers; the outside wall borders the coast of the sea.


This faculty is the imaginative power, the one we must avoid confusing with the imagination that modern man identifies with “fantasy” and that, according to him, produces only the “imaginary.

A conversation begins,and our pilgrim realizes with astonishment imagunalis the shaykh already knows everything about him, his name and his origin.

What is the distance? As Corbin puts it: Conversely, owing to this act of being, these worlds are present in it. The crossing lasts sixteen days, after which the ship enters an area where the waters of the sea are completely white; the Green Island is outlined on the horizon. The choice of the two corbn had begun to become inevitable for me some time ago, because I found it impossible to content myself with the word imaginary for what I had to translate or to describe.

As a result of internalization, one has moved out of external reality.

The Burning Bush is only a brushwood fire if it is merely perceived by the sensory organs. One sets out; at a given ijaginalis, there is a break with the geographical coordinates that can be located on our maps. The ephemeral earthly appearance of the twelve Imams concluded with the twelfth, who, as a young child in A.

The Legacy of Henry Corbin: Mundus Imaginalis or the Imaginary and the Imaginal

I am giving the briefest possible summary here, and I must pass over in silence the details of scenery depiction and of an intensely animated dramaturgy, in order to note only the central episode. Technically, again, our thinkers designate it as the world of “Images in suspense” mothol mo’allaqa.

In fact, the Persian word abad stands for a city, a cultivated region that is inhabited and consequently an expanse. Platonism, expressed in terms of the Zoroastrian angelology of ancient Persia, illuminated the path that I was seeking.

Full text of “Mundus Imaginalis – Henry Corbin”

I, Paris Gallimard, pp. But as is an almost constant rule, he knew nothing of it then; he learns of it now that he has come to the Green Island. Refresh and try again. Andrew Scott rated it really liked it Jan 26, The sensible world is the world of the phenomenon molk: Clearly, it is better to be admitted to this level of awareness than not, even if admittance is initially frightening and requires painful purification and evolution.


Log In Sign Up. For the Virginia politician, imagunalis Henry Corbin colonist. Shi’ism has thus mundys Islamic prophetology its metaphysical foundation at the same time that it has given it lmamology as the absolutely necessary complement.

Gary Burns rated it it was amazing Nov 22, From the largest of the ships descends a shaykh of noble and commanding appearance,with a handsome face and magnificent clothes.

This means that regardless of how “high” rockets or sputniks can reach, there will not be a single step made toward Na-koja-Abad, for the “threshold” will not have been crossed. Spiritual reality can therefore not be found “in the where”. Moreover, it may help us to discover what distinguishes the visionary experience of spiritualists, like Sohrawardi and so many others, from such pejorative terms in our modern imaginalix as “figments of the mind” or “imaginings” — to wit, Utopian fantasies.

It is necessary, however, that we should have, at least allusively present in mind, the theme that dominates the horizon of the mystical theosophy of Shi’ism, namely, the “eternal prophetic Reality” Haqiqat mohammadiya that is designated as “Muhammadan Logos” or “Muhammadan Light” and is composed of fourteen entities of light: It may be said that this is the reason for the extraordinary imahinalis of mystical epic poems written in Persian from ‘Attar to jami and to Nur ‘Ali1-Shahwhich constantly amplify the same archetypes in new symbols.

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For there are various ways of turning towards the sensible. One who is not in the same spiritual state cannot see him. The third point is that in his last letter to his last visible representative, the Imam warned against the imposture of people who would pretend to quote him, to have seen him, in order to lay claim to a public or political role in his name.