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History of Baalbek [Michel M. Alouf, Tedd St Rain] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At one time, the worldwide fame of the ruins at Baalbek. Baalbek is an ancient Phoenician city located in what is now modern day Lebanon, north of Beirut, in the Beqaa Valley. Inhabited as early. Author: Michel M. Alouf; Category: Voyages; Length: Pages; Year:

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Both visually and in legend its ruins bear the mark of the Titans, and understanding the site’s true place in history xlouf only help us to discover the reality of this lost cyclopean age of mankind.

In Catholicismits titular see is distinguished as Heliopolis in Phoeniciafrom its former Roman province Phoenice.

As punishment, they were banished to Tartarus, a mythical region of hell enclosed by a brazen wall and shrouded perpetually by a cloud of darkness. So exact was this design that it seemed certain the architects and masons had positioned their blocks using this scale plan.

In Decemberit was raided by the garrison of Banyas as a reprisal for its role in a Turcoman raid on Banyas. The ruins of Constantine ‘s basilica in He further adds that stones of this size and proportion were also employed ‘in the interest of appearance’.

Profiting by the discoveries of the Lf Mission and by those I have made myself, Ihave been able to make many corrections the present work. Lucian claimed that this once yearly event actually happened when he himself was in Byblos, for as he records. In many ancient writings preserved during the early Christian era, stories concerning the Nephilimor gibborim, ‘mighty men’, of biblical tradition are confused with the legends surrounding the Titans and gigantes.

The giants and Titans are said to have helped Nimrod, the ‘mighty hunter’ construct the fabled Tower of Histor which reached towards heaven.

History of Baalbek

Far off in Hell According to classical mythology, the Titans were eventually defeated by Jupiter and his fellow Olympian gods and goddesses. Like the Hamadas, the Harfush emirs were involved on more than one occasion in the selection of Church officials and the running of local monasteries. The gods that were worshipped there JupiterVenusand Bacchus were equivalents of the Canaanite deities HadadAtargatis.

To achieve this amount of lift, Fontana used an incredible 40 windlasses, which necessitated a combined force of men and horses. On the other hand, the alleged connection between giants, Titans and Baalbek is quite another matter.


Yet the openness of individuals such as de Saulcy and Renan gives us reason to doubt the assertions of their modern-day equivalents. Yet following an in-depth study of the ruins, Renan came to the conclusion that the stones of the Trilithon were very possibly ‘of Phoenician origin’, 42 in other words they were histort great deal older that the Roman temple complex.

What special place did this ancient location, sacred to Baal, hold to the Heliopolitan priesthood in Egypt? For instance, the French scholar, Louis Flicien hiztory Saulcystayed at Baalbek from 16 to 18 March and became convinced that the podium walls were the ‘remains of a pre-Roman temple’.

History of Baalbek – Michel M. Alouf – Google Books

Under a white dome further towards town is the tomb of Kholat, daughter of Hussein and granddaughter of Ali, who died in Baalbek while Husayn’s family was being transported as prisoners to Damascus. The exterior of the Temple of Bacchus in the s. The Shiites of Lebanon under Ottoman Rule, — Byblos is the clear name used in Baalbei account, but for some reason noted Egyptologists such as Sir E.

They sit side-by-side on the fifth level of a truly cyclopean wall located beyond the western limits of the Temple of Jupiter. Does this imply that the Ihstory deposed Cronus and took control of the Byblos culture until the coming of Zeus, or Jupiter?

Upon Zengi’s assassination inAyyub surrendered the territory to Unur, who was acting as regent for Muhammad’s son Abaq. Herm, The Phoenicians, p. Admittedly, the Stone of the Pregnant Woman remaining in the quarry does contain a seemingly random series of round holes in its upper surface, yet their precise purpose remains a mystery. And how were the stone blocks lifted from the rollers to allow final positioning? For instance, an early twentieth-century drawing of the last-remaining prehistoric wall at Aradus, an ancient city on the Syrian coast, shows the use of cyclopean blocks estimated to have been between thirty and forty tonnes a piece.

The sizes of the blocks from right to left are given as 65 feet, 64 feet 10 inches and 63 feet 2 inches. Scholars have always accredited the Romans with having built the Great Platform, with its stupendous Trilithon stones, simply because they could not conceive of an earlier culture possessing the technological skills needed to have transported and positioned such enormous weights.


InJean-Pierre Adam made a brief study suggesting most of the large blocks could have histoey moved on rollers with machines using capstans and pulley blocks, alouuf process which he theorised could use workers to move a tonnes tons block.

And just how old is Baalbek? Their targets are usually the Hizbullah training camps, mostly for reconnaissance purposes, but occasionally to drop bombs on the local inhabitants. Meaning ‘city of the sun’, it expressed the importance this religious centre held to the Egyptians, particularly since a place of immense antiquity bearing this same name already existed in Lower Egypt.

It is a subject I am currently investigating for a future article. There is no answer to this question until all the evidence has been presented in respect to the construction of the Great Platform, and it is in this area that we find some very contradictory evidence indeed.

Their next move would appear to suggest as much, for they decided qlouf, instead of extending the courtyard, they would continue the existing pre-Roman temple podium behind the western end of the Temple of Jupiter. Firstly there appears to have been a strong link between Isis-Osiris legend and the mountains north-west of Baalbek.

Baalbek – Lebanon’s Sacred Fortress

In the recent past the tranquility of the Beqa’a Valley, that runs north-south between the Lebanon and Ante-Lebanon mountain ranges, has been regularly shattered by the screeching noise of Israeli jet fighters.

Local influences are seen in the planning and layout of the temples, as they vary from the classic Roman design. It never went off course and came via a ‘direct route’ to Byblos.

The Changing Face of Terrorism illustrated, reprint ed. The largest modern cranes in the world would have difficulty in lifting, let alone moving, these massive limestone blocks, and yet there they balbek.

There is, however, tantalizing evidence to show that some of the earliest archaeologists and European travellers to visit Baalbek came away believing that the Great Platform was much older than the nearby Roman temples.