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System requirements. Operating system. hMailServer can be installed in the. Configuration tutorial. Overview. This page describes the basics of configuring . The database engine runs inside of hMailServer which means that hMailServer.

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It’s now possible to auto-ban users after a number of failed logon attempts.

Installation tutorial

That would cause hMailServer to try to connect to itself. This change only effects new installations. All recipients to particular route kept combined instead of split into individual emails. NET shipped with the full source code? I have followed all the instructions mentioned in this article.

What basic checks need to do from hMailserver. Your local mail server is now up and running. Makes hmailserveer easier to select expiration date. Server would sometimes stop responding when clients disconnected incorrectly.

Choosing database engine – hMailServer – Free open source email server for Microsoft Windows

We use cookies on our website to support technical features that enhance your user experience. DNS lookups may fail if the recipients DNS server is not properly configured, and this documentwtion not an error in the hMailServer installation. Path to virus scanner was not displayed properly when containing “. If a route was set up in which “Deliver to addresses below” was selected, external delivery to other domains failed.

If the database went down at the exact same moment hMailServer was saving a message, the message wasn’t saved and the user wasn’t notified. Username and password of hMailServer administrative account should be supplied there.


NET I’m getting “The previous session was terminated due to a timeout” message. These default IP ranges should be sufficient for almost all users. C59 – If a “Move to Mhailserver folder” had been set up in an account-level rule, this could under certain circumstances be performed for other local recipients of the email as well.

Use this setting to reject these messages. The problem is documentatino by default COM object can only activated by the following accounts: Reload the web server. Now “0” means unlimited. In version 4, forwarding was performed after account level rules. Please note that this is still experimental. Should solve problem with the Invalid password-message directly after install.

Configuration tutorial – hMailServer – Free open source email server for Microsoft Windows

The reason for this is that the backup functionality is not server settings but more a server utility. Please note that you should never specify localhost Specific error codes given by the recipients server aren’t handled properly. When restoring a backup, the restore of accounts failed if messages were not restored. Domain administrators should not be able to change server administrator password security Version 5.

Sorting on Date works fine. To repair the problem in the database, run the Reset folder UIDs maintenance script, located here: More logging is added when DKIM verification is made. Select which components you want to install and click Next. Your solution with hMail Server allowes all of this, but… I prefer just to emulate sandmail on a windows machine.


The ‘Allow empty sender address’ hmailsserver was is inverted. This change was made to reduce risk of message delivery failures.

DKIM verification failed when a message contained more than one signature. In the password dialog, enter your main hMailServer password and click OK.

Welcome message The welcome message is sent to SMTP clients directly after they have connected to the server. The purpose of this build is to distribute a version which is open for review.

An error message related to PartStructure were logged when this error occurred. The size is specified in KB. By default, hMailServer comes with 2 different IP ranges.

When this number has been reached, hMailServer will disconnect from the recipient server, connect again and continue with the remaining recipients.

It’s now possible to access headers by name, by calling Headers. In this dialog scroll the list to the top sometimes the first item is not visible but scroll to the top and select the first item which is your computer name.

This new functionality will improve the overall spam classification of messages.

Issue Version 5. Sometimes an empty message was created when downloading messages from external servers. Click on the Windows Start button and search for Notepad.