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Building Regulations. An Automatic Bypass Valve (DU) controls water flow in the Heating Circuit according to the water pressure across it and is used to. Discuss Setting Honeywell DU Auto Bypass Valve in the Central I have followed the guides from Honeywell and I have calculated at. The DU automatic bypass and differential pressure valve is used to maintain a constant differential internal threads, DU/4E PDF.

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The boiler return temperature is raised and this reduces corrosion caused by flue gas condensation. I’m an engineer by trade and have read up on every product possible, but trying to learn on how systems should be set to get optimum I moved and installed new rad on Thursday re-filled system fired it up DU Automatic Bypass Valve DU Automatic bypass and differential pressure valve DU Automatic bypass and differential pressure valve with differential pressure indicator DU M Automatic bypass and differential pressure valve for district heating systems E Automatic air vent EA Automatic air vent with integrated shut-off and leak protection.

Would this push more heat through the rads??

I agree 1 will let a hell of a lot of water back into the boiler starving the rads of water. Never seen let alone used it Happy btw whats your name?

I’d appreciate some guidance.

On gas-fired water heaters it guarantees a minimum flow circulation when thermostats or radiator valves are closed. For pump-driven warm water heating systems, e. The DU automatic bypass and differential pressure valve is used to maintain a constant differential pressure in a heating system. I did a lot of research into the products I wanted in my system; found a good plumber through people I know that have had work done. honsywell


In the meantime I have realised that as soon as the hot water starts pumping it goes down the bypass straight away. It just takes a bit of time to set it correctly but at 1 it will be open constantly and providing a short circuit. Brass housing and fittings, plastic sping bonnet assembly and valve disc, stainless steel spring, EPDM seals.

Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement. Nothing much wrong with my thumbs apart from the odd twinge of arthritis: Screw it down fully to start with and as the system is closing down you close it open it up and honeywe,l it. Did balancing of the system and realised that a rad one up the line from the rad that got no heat was fully open both TRV and lock shield side.

Discussion in ‘ Central Heating Forum ‘ started by antsalsMay 18, So is a bit of suck it and see Differential pressure setpoint range. This site uses cookies. Users found this page by searching for: As said it is a bit hit or miss and guess work but not hard to do. The more the auto bypass is screwed down the more water goes through the system the less goes through the bypass, adjust it a bit at at time, Ant.

Checkout our Plumbers Insurance area – heavily discounted Public Liability Insurance and Van Insurance specifically designed for plumbers. I don’t know how anyone can really set up a auto bypass valve its a bit rule of thumb without the thumb, the boiler will need a flow through it when thermo rad valves close down or inline zone valves, it is really impossible to know how much water is going through the system boneywell how much through the bypass loop.


I assume this cannot be correct, I have followed the guides from Honeywell and I have calculated at between 3 – 4?

Last honeywelll by a moderator: Good afternoon, I’d appreciate a quick bit of help.

Honeywell DU Angled Automatic Bypass Valve 22mm | eBay

Also I had noticed a problem that a rad in utility I would say it was end of the line didn’t even get hot. DU Automatic bypass and differential pressure valve. How will i know if its doing what it should? Glow-worm boiler settings help.

Honeywell DU145 Angled Automatic Bypass Valve 22mm

SafeGasInstallMay 18, You must log in or sign up to reply here. No, create an account now.

It is there to provide a route for the water to flow through as the system becomes satisfied and shuts down. The plumber has left the autopass set below 1 at the lowest point.

Could this be correct?

Pleased to meet you Tony. Honeywell Copyright Privacy Statement Imprint. In addition, when radiator valves are closed it also maintains flow over the temperature sensor on the boiler to ensure proper operation of external temperature compensation controls.

MK by Honeywell DU/4B | Honeywell Angled Automatic Bypass Valve

I was unsure if it was since the upgrade of CH or always been like that cause we have only been in the house for a year. Do you already have an account? Yes, my password is: It reduces flow noise in a system, particularly as thermostatic radiator valves are closed. Hi What setting have you put the Honeyell 2 on, is on auto adapt?

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