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houseboy Ferdinand Oyono begins his haunting tragedy at the end of a Cameroonian houseboy’s life. “Brother, what are we,” Toundi Onduo. Ferdinand Oyono has really done a great work with this fictional work. portrayed this in the life of Toundi when he has to be the houseboy of the Commander. Ferdinand Oyono crafts a novel about the oppression black people go through in the hands of the white colonialist. In West Africa specifically.

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This book exist new knowledge the information that exist in this guide represented the condition of the world at this point.

The initial image that Toundi had of a beautiful French Christian woman is deleted by her actions with the prison warden. Toundi’s story is troubling but engaging. In addition the death of father gilbert is described frrdinand a martyr; Toundi supposes that because he died in Africa.

Cameroun, and its neighbors the anglophone North and South Cameroons, struggled to find a cohesive Cameroonian identity. While Toundi is housebyo at the hospital, in a dazed state, M. The engineer hides his lust for Sophie from other Europeans, yet he is jealous of her with other Africans.

I really enjoyed the novel and I had a lot of fun spending some time getting into the thick of it. Agnes Amero November 6, Toundi then becomes “the Chief European’s ‘boy’–the dog of the Ferdinan.

The thesis is quite clear. You know, just another day in the life of a houseboy. I will read the story again.

Houseboy by Ferdinand Oyono

Hypocrisy shows itself when Toundi is warned by ohono engineer never to have a relationship with her. User Review – Flag as inappropriate Ferdinand Oyono has really done a great work with this fictional work.


But i think tried to tell the white men in Africa continent to return back home and those that will not go should not maltreat any African…. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Houseboy Ferdinand Oyono Limited preview – What do you regarding book? You can get a lot of gain after read this book. Throughout the novel, the white settlers appear unhappy, displeased at their lot in the sad land of the heathens and uncomfortable in the heat of the African sun.

It is a beautiful soul stirring piece that captures colonial Africa in its real form. Full review to come.

Father Gilbert teaches Toundi to read and write, and about Catholicism. Other titles by African writers from Waveland Press: Some just strike a certain pitch or tone that inspires the reader, etc.

Critical Analysis — Ferdinand Oyono’s Houseboy

The rest of the story consists of the diary exercise book that the Frenchman is supposedly reading. Views Read Edit View history. He is taken to prison, where he is tortured into confessing to a crime he has not committed.

No matter what an African could do, he was still black, and could never overcome the hurdle of acceptance into French culture. The relationship between Madame and Toundi gets stiff, but things are more than quickly resolved between husband and wife. The former is rough but eventually softens his attitude to Toundi and fredinand of him.

Cameroonian novelist and diplomat, Oyono, was visiting Guinea during the time it was the colony Spanish Guineawhen he came across one of his countrymen.


The theme of colonialism in reference to houseboy, novel by Ferdinand Oyono

Preview — Houseboy by Ferdinand Oyono. The rest of An interesting novella which captures life under French colonial rule in Cameroon.

I’ve read so many of these books now that even the most bizarre errors are beginning to repeat themselves – even the narrator’s observing something and describing it as “imperceptible” not “nearly imperceptible,” but actually incapable of being perceived only repeats a malapropism I’d seen before.

When Toundi heard this he also escapes to Spanish Guinea. The novel starts in Spanish Guinea with a Frenchman on vacation, who finds a man named Toundi, who has been injured and soon dies.

Houseboy (novel) – Wikipedia

After a long while, the Commandant’s beautiful wife arrives and settles in the house. Throughout the novel, Oyono emphasizes the importance of dress, names, and dialect. Jenifer prize August 3, Apr 8 91 May 31, Dialect is another important factor of African identity. When Toundi sees the Commandant in the shower and realizes his master has not been circumcised— an important element in becoming a man in his Cameroonian tradition— he feels a pang of embarrassment.

Toundi describe himself as a decadent of cannibals which is very inhuman however this is situational irony since the French are the once who show inhuman traits by treating Africans inhumanly.