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What do I say on social media? We get that question a lot! of your content should entertain and invite conversation. of your content should be useful and. How To Create A Social Media Strategy (With 5 Steps And A Template) Social Media Strategy Template (Word or Excel) you can use to. GUIDE TO CREATING A SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY. Getting Started. In order to gain customer trust, establish expertise, and meet potential customers, every.

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Once you get to the point where you hire people to help you, you can leverage that, too.

This might sound simple, but it’s the best piece of consulting advice out there. If your readers would like to see another price strahegy, they can check out my complete list on my blog on searching for the happiness under pricing chart. People can and will charge whatever they want.

What to Charge for Social Media Work (as a Freelancer or Consultant)

You see a real web designer compared to an unskilled one, it is night and day. Please how do I start and where do you think I should start from. I live in a small town where hardly any advertising is done outside of billboard and radio.

I have over 25 years of experience as a copywriter doing both freelance and working with agencies. Only one has 1, Facebook fans, the rest have much less, though acquiring fans and followers is not part of my strategy. DO you know of any student groups who might volunteer for experience? Here are some tips for doing that:. Check out this post on why it sometimes makes sense to outsource social media.


Anyway good post and thanks for the same. Want more FREE info? Have read through a lot of post but yet to start a social media consulting biz, of which I found out am good with media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

How to Create a Freakin’ Fabulous Social Media Strategy

Why should a cashier or receptionist with no expertise be making more than someone who has thoroughly, studied the topic for years, and does have expertise just because they are older pretty much. How do you know where you fit in?

I love this article! Thanks for this, I look forward to reading more of your posts! This works well when you’re growing an online community for a client.

But making money with it had not come to mind till a company contacted me to manage and build their social media accounts. I have been here over a year but we recently had a management shift and as a result have to reach certain metric goals in order to stay employed.

I just need a starting point and an work it out freakiinfabulous there. Hi Alexis, I live in a small town where hardly any advertising is done outside of billboard and radio. What fo a commission type of structure? I will get your videos in few weeks. Thanks for this article.

Thanks so much for sharing such valuable information. What advice would you give me? So freakinvabulous a crete, and own it.

Hey Alexis, Thanks for this excellent, helpful post. Because remember, you don’t have to charge the same amount for each client. I have never done social media professionally before. I am interested in working with Pinterest. Their Facebook currently has less than followers and their Twitter about 15 followers.

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Thanks for sharing, Alexis! Any advice would be welcome! I know that I need to ask for compensation but how much is a good amount for a family member? I have comprehensive knowledge due to our business of all facebook has to offer in terms or ads, event, offer, reporting, analysis etc. Are there different fees for crowdfunding campaigns?

I offer them my template, with customized, research-driven information pertinent to every aspect of their marketing team. This also applies to whether you’ve worked specifically in the social media field. Or, if not, well, here it is: How much should you charge for social media consulting? Would ownership be something a social media marketer would ever get?

Tiffany recently posted… Easter recipes — Kid friendly ham and egg breakfast baskets. It would be nice that in a future post you do the above analysis vis-a-vis scope of work. I want to help her and myself.

What to Charge for Social Media Work (as a Freelancer or Consultant)

But When Should I Upgrade? As a result, my position is at risk freakinfablous I love my job and I want to continue to help people who are throwing their money away hand over fist….

I am in the idea stages of my business venture as a social media consultant. I started out as a writer, but when clients found out I had a blog, they assumed correctly that I also understood how to use social media.