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About Papaji · About the Avadhuta Foundation · Community» · Papaji Contacts Worldwide · Video Satsangs Around the World · Bookstore» · Books». W. L. Poonja discovered Ramana Maharshi in a remarkable manner. One morning, in , while he was sitting on his veranda in North India [now. H. W. L. Poonja (Papaji). 19K likes. “Keep quiet. Do not let a single thought arise.”.

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I cannot show you God or enable you to see God because God is not an object that can be seen. He was there again, and once again he was alone.

Please speak to me. When someone imposes limitedness on us, we readily agree.

H.W.L. POONJA | meeting ramana

When you are fatigued, you throw away everything. After this, Poonjaji met two other men “who convinced me that they had attained full and complete Self-realisation. So seeing him alone I went in straight away, but as I was going in the attendant stopped me. So, the practice comes by nwl He was the nephew of Swami Rama Tirtha, a famous saint who died four years before Poonja’s birth.


H. W. L. Poonja

It is of no use. You know that, “I am the Guru and the Self is the Guru itself, and there is no difference between the Self and the Guru.

This teaching is the hdl teaching, which I try to present to you every day. Neither the living saints nor any of the past saints I had heard about could confront you like this, with this question: Nobody knows it, you see. Don’t concern yourself with objects that can be seen. There are many such stories concerning the Maharshi. I said, “I have been playing with my God.

A sadhu appeared at the door soon after and Poonja asked him the question he had asked swamis throughout the country: Can you speak about the path of Self-enquiry and how it is practised?

It is very clear inside. Every Saturday we had pooonja day of work, and Sunday was a full day off. I have to die. Just give up the idea that you have to do something or reach somewhere. He only pulls you from outside, from the senses which are attracted with other things. Immediately my eye went to the wanted advertisements.

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H. W. L. Poonja – Wikipedia

Biography Hari Wench Lal Poonja was born into an upper-class Brahmin family on October 13, in Gujrunwala in western Punjab, a part of India that is now in Pakistan, and raised in nearby Lyalpur, now called Faisalabad. This mountain is very beautiful, there are forests, there are monkeys, there are peacocks. L Poonja earned money to support his family, meeting with seekers and sharing satsangs. Ananda, his disciple, came and asked him, “What did you get?

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H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji)

How did it act upon you at that time of you life? I became very angry with him.

So, I was not very much impressed with him not speaking to me. I want to stay with you. It is your very inner nature. This is the ultimate Reality, this is the ultimate teaching.