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Inversions is a Culture series novel by the noted British author Iain M Banks. If I had to sum up Inversions with one word it would probably be “Different”. Taking a bit of a break from Hugo stuff (but not really), today I’m talking about Iain M. Banks’ Inversions, which I’m reading along with kamo of. Inversions (Culture) [Iain M. Banks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Iain M. Banks, the international bestselling author of The Player of.

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Amusing as this scene is, it is still a distressingly accurate portrayal of society even in the 21st century.

Bertram Chandler 2 A. Tassasen recovering from the break-up of an empire and threatening to fall into civil war; Haspidus enjoying prosperity and a monarch attempting to restructure parts of his society to improve the lives of his subjects.

30 years of Culture: what are the top five Iain M Banks novels?

Grandmas explode, people wake up in rooms full of shit, ships run intentionally aground, hermaphrodites apply to mechanized killing temples to help them make decisions. When he opens his eyes he finds Ralinge and his assistants dead, dispatched bloodily, and Vosill free and in the process of removing her bindings, no indication of how she was freed. I got into all the characters and loved the banter, rooted for the good guys and hoped all the others would get their just deserts.

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I didn’t love this as much as some of the Culture novels. Things quickly start falling apart when the protectorate attacks another kingdom, the protector’s son falls severely ill and the protectorate is not doing so good in the war. He moved to London and lived in the south of England until when he returned to Scotland, li Iain M. I found both main characters to be compelling and, most of all, interesting in a way that Banks isn’t always able to pull off.

The setting of the book corresponds to the late medieval, albeit with the human characters on a planet in a binary onversions with no sense of an earthly background. He foils assassination attempts and is scorned for his paranoia by his close friend, the concubine Perrund.

The narrative alternates chapter-by-chapter between two concurrent ihversions, with alternating chapter headings of The Doctor and The Bodyguard. I’m not saying that it isn’t just that you have to look closely. And overshadowing all this is DeWar’s suspicions that there are spies within the court, betraying the Protector’s plans to Ladenscion and helping them win the war.


After finishing this, Inversions is now tied with The Player of Games as inversons favorite in the Culture series. It is narrated by one of the characters, but the narrator does not tell which character he or she is, though that conceit is broken down by about the halfway point.

Doctor’s and bodyguard’s pov The doctor is somewhat a mystery in the kingdom, because she has come from a far of land and seems to have a cure for all the diseases. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! All of which is a very roundabout way of saying that if invrrsions want to come to the book iai, avoid all online information about it like the plague.

Vosill is very secretive about where exactly she was educated, and she speaks to the king in a downright casual manner while everyone else at court is bowing and your majesty-ing.

Inversions, a book by Iain M Banks | Book review

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. In many ways it’s about life and the way people interact with people.

These details that they spoil are not exactly essential to the plot, but one was spoiled for me and I think vanks novel lost some of inversioons tautness as a result and the one that was not spoiled I was very glad wasn’t spoiled because it was a minor mystery I spent the first half of the novel picking at so again, I babks the novel would have lost some of its appeal had I known the answer to the riddle. All the previous culture books have had the culture at the forefront trying to contact another planets or species through its special circumstances.

On a backwards world banke six moons, an alert spy reports on the doings of one Dr. I am so far behind on reviews, it’s insane! The chapters alternate between the Doctor’s story, which the narrator relates through her assistant Oelph, who is reporting clandestinely to another Master; and the Bodyguard’s story, which the narrator relates through a third-person omniscient voice that is kept relatively confined to DeWar’s perspective, but not entirely.

Actually, this one shares in the great reversals of our understanding, just like the other Culture ibversions. FeetForBrains June 26, at Not one of Banks’ typical sci-fi offerings.

Inversions (Culture, #6) by Iain M. Banks

Published May 1st by Pocket Books first published June In an interview in Socialist Review he claimed he did this after he “abandoned the idea of crashing my Land Rover through the gates of Fife dockyard, after spotting the guys armed with machine guns. The fact that Inversions is so completely different from the other Culture novels, and in fact, that each Culture novel is so unique, establishes Banks as a brilliant writer.

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In one, Doctor Vosill is personal physician to King Quience. So Rather than focus on a grand scale space-opera, I think Banks wanted to dump us into a backwater gravity-well and let us have a sense of what it would be like to tour as a doctor, perhaps Culture trained, among the crude creatures of a Medieval period. Both Vosill the Doctor and DeWar the Bodyguard are fascinating characters, and the characterisations are so solid all around.

DeWar is obsessive to the extent that he cannot eve play simple board games without his duty being reflected in his gaming style. The narrative follows two storylines. To fully appreciate the subtle nuances and hidden gems in it, i think it’s better to have read at least some other Culture books, not because of any iaim story but iaain appreciate the quiet hints dropped in it. The story progresses through pov of two protagonist namely the doctor Vosell and the bodyguard Dewar.

Everything from life’s rich tapestry of emotion is in here somewhere. The second, interleaved storyline is told by an initially unnamed narrator, remaining unnamed so as to provide a neutral context for the narrative.

The book keeps building to an exciting end, but the although the twist in t Inversions although being a culture book is quite different from its predecessors because the book is setup in a medieval background, and throughout the book the culture lurks in the shadow.

Jul 16, Sumant rated it liked mm Shelves: Stories of loss, grief, rebirth and self-discovery are the core of the best Culture novels.

Books by Iain M. I recommend reading other Culture books first. After her confession, Perrund demands DeWar kill her. The book inversionns set on an unknown planet which is ostensibly similar to medieval Earth with various kingdoms and no technology.

But I finished it this morning and am looking forward to hearing more thoughts from the peanut gallery.