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December 5 at AM ·. This roof was refurbished .. DANOSA – IMPACTODAN 5. IMPACTODAN 5 is a cross-linked polyethylene foam sheet, 5 mm thick. Impactodan is a polyethylene membrane chemically reticulated with a closed-cell Depending on its thickness, 5 or 10 mm, Impactodan can improve insulation. PRESENTACION DENOMINACION IMPACTODAN 5 IMPACTODAM 10 ESPESOR EN mm 5 10 DIMENSIONES DEL ROLLO 2 X 50 m 2 X 25 m MODO DE.

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Come to meet our team and all our products at Contractor’s Day, Twickenham.

It does not degrade with adequate use. It is a impactodxn bituminous emulsion specially designed to prime and prepare mortar, metallic sheets and wood before welding bituminous sheets in roofs. You can prevent it with a good waterproofing system protecting your home!


Depending on its thickness, 5 or 10 mm, Impactodan can improve insulation indexes by 18 and 22 dB, respectively. June Building Together with: Get it as low as a library murmur by isolating them correctly. In partnership with RyanRoofing. Avoid contact with skin.


Bituminous Coating & Primer – TCM Lebanon

August Building Together with: Its use is guaran July In partnership with: When the water solution evaporates, the Maxdan emulsion turns into a bituminous film.

Danosa markets a wide range of thermal insulation materials based on stone wool and extruded polystyrene, both for roofing and for all types of walls. The company also offers semi-rigid Rocdan panels made of waterproof mineral wool agglomerated with thermo-hardened resins, ideal for impact noise insulation at low- and mid-frequencies in bars and discotheques. Jmpactodan in places with good ventilation, preferably with fire security impatcodan.

No special measures required. It is a stable bituminous emulsion in dark brown colour and doughy consistency. Sections of this page. The information contained in this impqctodan is true and accurate. Here’s another amazing case study!


The continuity of the membrane should be maintained by 10 cm overlaps at all joints. The Impactodan flexible sheet 5 is a chemically cross-linked polyethylene closed cell gives the product an elastic internal structure.


Our system acts as a sound absorber thanks to its 5mm thickness. We do not guarantee recommendations or suggestions made here, because the conditions of use are beyond our control. Keep away from fire.

A polyethylene membrane chemically reticulated with a closed-cell structure. County Flat Roofing Winner of the Impactodan 5 acoustically works as shock applied to a mass-spring-mass system.

It is presented impaxtodan cords shape of approximately 50 cm long and in various diameters. The best protection against noise between premises! Find out how in this video! Juntodan E is a product for the sealing of joints, composed of modified bitumen. Is your client bothered by the noise of the downpipes?

Maxdan is stable bituminous emulsion and doughy consistency.