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Impossible. by Nancy Werlin. Seventeen-year-old Lucy Scarborough appears to lead a normal life. She is a junior in high school, runs track. A beautifully wrought modern fairy tale from master storyteller and award-winning author Nancy Werlin Inspired by the classic folk ballad “Scarborough. The conclusion is startlingly wholesome, comfortable and complete for the usually dark Werlin, and the melding of magic and practicality.

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I liked the idea that she was revisiting something and approaching it from a fresh angle, and that whole “thin line between love and hate” element was brilliant, I think, and a very adult take for a YA novel.

She gets pregnant from the rapist, decides to keep the baby, and decides to marry Hero, in the course of a couple chapters. YAs deserve better than this. I don’t think the author thought too long and hard about how to solve the riddles in the Simon and Garfunkle song, and I wouldn’t really blame her for that, except she decided to write a book about it.


Never once does she express one iota of blame, shame or guilt, all of which are standard emotions for rape victims to express. Then there’s another priceless gem: And why has it to be portrayed like the marriage makes everything better? I love authors who create a story out of an well known object like a painting – shout out here to Tracy Chevalier! Show of hands, how many of you know a professor who miraculously decided to spend a year abroad and therefore, is willing to loan you his house free of charge?

Our heroine gets raped on prom night by elf faerie man in a human suit, and it is so hard to read this glossy, awkward, bland style of writing treating such a difficult subject. The only thing worse than this book is that some people like it. I kid you not. Like I also mentioned, most of the story takes place on the inside of Lucy’s parents’ house.


I didn’t care for the story, and unfortunately cannot recommend it. However, she is not likeable, and I found it hard to sympathize with her situation. How Lucy deals with having sex with her virgin husband, after being raped: So maybe I’ll recover from this and read The Rules of Survival.

United States of America. She accepts her fate unnaturally quickly and is even inclined to forgive her rapist. I love the premise, but the execution is lacklustre. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Oh, I can’t wait to see what were Lucy’s parents’ reaction to that!!

Will she give birth to a daughter, and will she lose her mind? Watch out for the guys with those Irish and Scottish accent girls! I liked the fantasy elements but they’re thin on the ground – the story is mostly a “coming-of-age” tale emphasising co-operation, family values, true love versus hormonal lust?

The thing is, Lucy and Zach are so similar in their povs that it became pathetic.

Impossible- Nancy Werlin by Laura-Ann Miller on Prezi

Parents who want to brainwash their teens heads?? The only part I enjoyed was the mystery of the three nsncy tasks and the history of the women in the Scarborough family. View all 18 comments. That was the breacking point for me.

I vacillated between 2 stars and 3 stars in my rating.

Impossible by Nancy Werlin | : Books

It makes me tempted to try out some of the author’s realistic fiction – like The Rules of Survival – and just forget about her paranormal stuff. I wanted to rip my hair out when this tragic event was used as fodder for an ill-illusioned love story. Does anyone else remember this or is it simply the Mandela effect? But she get help from her foster mother, Soledad, and her friend then turn to be her husband Zach.


I know it’s tempting but we must resist.

In a few words it is a contemporary suspenseful folk fantasy with some hereditary insanity, a sweet romance, and one extremely dubious and dangerous elven knight. Impossible by Nancy Werlin Spoiler Free. It’s not that the values the story supports aren’t worthy – I especially appreciated the focus on family support and trust – but that it made the characters dull and passive.

Impossible by Nancy Werlin with spoilers 40 17 Feb 02, The writing itself is clumsy and occasionally grammatically questionable if not incorrect. Yes, she has the support of family and friends, and she goes to a counselor Nzncy turning of each page reveals another fact about the family curse.

After a tragic evening, Lucy learns that her family is cursed. How many of you have been able to secure a car impossibel with no credit, school loans, and only a part-time job to your name? Look there’s a reason I read fantasy. Zach Greenfield was the epitome of sweetness. Werlin fans will not be disappointed.