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The InfoPrint AFP Driver software lets you produce Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) output from desktop applications so you can use the powerful features. If you are interested in using the powerful features of AFP in a wide range of environments, you might want to install and use the InfoPrint AFP driver with. OS/ and PSF are trademarks of the IBM Corporation. AFP, InfoPrint and Ricoh are registered trademarks of Ricoh Production Print Solutions LLC.

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These programs are designed to improve the management of output environments, which can help clients infoprinh costs, improve quality, and seamlessly respond to changes in their processes. It also offers the latest in printhead, developer and fusing mechanism technologies, along with an integrated density feedback system for sharp, clear images and text, job after job.

AFP Printer Driver for Windows offers an easy and less expensive way of creating high-quality, industrial-strength AFP documents, page segments, and overlays out of almost any Microsoft Windows application.

The InfoPrint continues to fill the gap between previously available industry color offerings with very high quality but low speed and high cost, and alternatives that feature lower quality but very high speed.

The InfoPrint can run applications with exceptional print quality ihfoprint paper typically used in monochrome electrophotographic printers, unlike other inkjet systems that typically require ink-jet treated paper to produce good-looking output.

The InfoPrint is designed to fulfill infpprint requirements of transactional printers, service indoprint, direct mailers, and some book printers. Similar to previous InfoPrint models, these models of InfoPrint are available in simplex or tandem duplex configurations. PostalVision to Expand U. Skip to main content. PCI Group, which bases its success on timely, accurate mailings that are creatively designed and impeccably produced, selected InfoPrint AFP printer for its industry-recognized print quality and ultra-high print zfp.

All of these products infoprunt designed to improve the management of output environments, which can help clients reduce costs, improve quality, and seamlessly respond to changes in their processes. Note that some pre-and post-processing devices require the use of pinned paper.


Production printers are, by their nature, complex machines that typically require specialized, trained operators.

Courier Roman medium 12 pitch 10 point is the printer default. Video Surveillance IP Cameras.

The controller exploits Linux and dynamically allocates blade resources to efficiently process pages and AFP objects for print. AFP Color Management is also supported by the InfoPrintenabling customers to develop a single color application and workflow that can be printed in color on the InfoPrint or in high-quality grayscale on the InfoPrint With the InfoPrintyou can now expect to effectively and confidently print large volumes of variable data documents like statements in full color, with the security and controls you are accustomed to in your AFP output environment.

The following publication is available and is meant to be used prior to the printer installation.

If available, these publications are shipped in the appropriate language. Advanced Zfp Printing AFP is a document format and presentation architecture originally developed by IBM and InfoPrint to drive its printers and support the production of variable data printing on laser printers, and later provides for document and information presentation independent of specific applications and devices.

The InfoPrint utilizes innovative piezo-electric, drop-on-demand inkjet technology with high quality water-based inks that are resistant to fading and smearing, even on commonly used infoprinh papers. Can You Trust the Cloud? However, for the best quality, outline fonts should be used.

InfoPrintĀ® Font Collection

The InfoPrint capabilities are designed to enable businesses to produce statements that incorporate customized marketing and promotional information. The Extended Media Dryer feature minimizes energy consumption infopritn two ways. The first printer in the paper path prints one side of a form; the second printer in the paper path prints the other side of the form. Using the InfoPrint ProcessDirector for high-speed production print environments, the InfoPrint can provide a customizable process management system that automates many tasks that have previously been handled manually.

Produce outstanding halftones Images and grayscales in complex jobs, like books, can pose a quality challenge, especially when light tints are involved.


InfoPrintĀ® Font Collection

Because of this, there are tasks that cannot feasibly be redesigned to be accessible to everyone. Once users’ documents are printed to the AFP Printer, the AFP version documents are created along with a Save As dialog on the workstation or stored in a specified folder on the print server. This space-optimizing U confi guration features face-to-face displays to maximize operator convenience.

Expand color offerings with confidence The InfoPrint GP is designed as a midrange volume solution for environments with varying requirements that may include tight print windows, diverse media and stringent color quality. AFP Printer Driver is intended for customers, business partners, and systems specialists who need to understand the fundamentals of AFP creation on the Microsoft Windows systems.

Smart Operation Panel Applications. InfoPrint is positioned as a best-of-breed offering in this mid-range area. The Extended Media Dryer feature works with printers using pigment or dye inks, so customers using either ink can diversify offerings and meet a wide range of requirements. AFP allows users to streamline their variable-data, production print environment by creating and managing personalized content, integrating with existing systems, securing data control and integrity and managing end-to-end workflow.

The innovative technology in the InfoPrint family is designed to deliver variable data, full-color output at a speed, quality, and price point that is unique in the industry. The built-in AFP architecture, which is designed for high-speed printing, can provide accurate, consistent, device-independent output with page-level error recovery for monochrome and color output.

PCI Group is one of the nation’s leading providers of rapid outbound direct mail services for collection agencies and debt buyers, and processes millions of pieces of mail monthly.

The system can print infoprunt speeds up to These models of InfoPrint are available in simplex or tandem duplex configurations. This latest InfoPrint enhancement further supports our leadership position in helping our customers produce relevant variable color data on important client-facing documents.

The system has a