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As part of the intruder alarm system, the Informa speech dialler dials pre- programmed phone numbers. It then plays recorded voice messages to alert someone. Honeywell 8EPA Informa White Speech Dialler: : Electronics. GSM 2G AUTO DIALER – ADT/VISONIC /HONEYWELL/UTC COMPATIBLE. The Informa is a Speech Dialler for use with intruder alarm systems. The Informa is a keypad unit that uses a telephone line to dial pre-programmed telephone.

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Press [9] followed by the new four-digit code. If the code is the same as the engineer code, the Informa will not accept it and sounds a long two-note error tone. The Informa dials the number then plays message 1 followed by message 2. When it is triggered, it dials pre-programmed telephone numbers More information. AU Australia s largest. In this case, the Follow Me number is the first number dialled by the Informa if there is an alarm.

Connect one end of the telephone cable to the Informa terminals labelled A and B. In the second case, the telephone number called.

The Informa can be programmed to operate in one of two ways: What is an intruder alarm? Intruder alarm system Operating Instructions. Automatic call initialisation Operation in the knforma of a proceed indication. Plug your telephone line phone More information. When it is triggered, it dials pre-programmed telephone numbers.


Access codes Contents Unset system indications – – – – – – – – – – – System indication – – – – – – – – – – – – Access codes – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – How to operate Personal – – – – – – How to unset.

The Informa call setup can work infoma one of two ways:. The Informa cannot contact the emergency services directly.

Example A location message can be: It may be necessary to use a special IDT termination tool to do autidialer securely. By default, this is This can be changed either by the customer or the engineer, as follows: If there is no acknowledgement, the Informa will only ingorma seven more times to communicate with the original telephone number.

Honeywell Informa Speech Dialler

If the location message plus the Alarm message equals 15 seconds, then the Message Timeout setting should be 30 seconds. Your installer will tell you infoorma alarm messages can. The factory default for these inputs is Active Low. Intruder, Infirma and Personal Attack. Three trigger inputs, programmable as active high or low, linked to phone numbers or alarm messages. This does not include your Follow Me telephone number, which is programmed when the system is set.

The factory set engineer code is The first three red LEDs light. The Informa call setup can work in one of two ways: Copyright Packs Infotel Limitedall rights reserved. This has a single-strand conductor of 0.


This will allow a location message followed by one of three alarm messages to be sent by the Informa. Don’t have an account? To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Listen for the acknowledge signal. The engineer code is by default.

The four LEDs show the trigger level of inputs 1 to 3 and the inhibit input, respectively.

Honeywell Informa speech autodialler

The customer can re-program the Follow Me number each time that he leaves the premises and sets the alarm system. Start display at page:. User guide Edition 4 26 March 97 Response telephone and answering machine User guide At a glance Directory label For making a note of numbers stored in the memories. After the message is recorded there is a short interval, after which the Informa plays back your recorded message.

Honeywell Informa speech autodialler from only £

The Informa sounds two fast beeps to confirm the new setup. Add to my manuals Add.

It is installed as part of your intruder. You can change this as follows: An intruder alarm auutodialer monitors and detects unauthorised entry to properties homes and businesses alike. The Informa More information. After a short interval the Informa will replay the selected message.