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edition of the Oliver Wyman Energy Journal, represent the latest thinking . Source: SG Cross Asset Research/Equity, Oliver Wyman analysis, all estimates. Grocers are under renewed threat as online retailers ramp up their food options. But traditional food stores still have a vital card to play: freshness. Customers. Commission, which looked at 2, companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Investment is growing across the globe (see the following pages). Across all .

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The question is how the insurance industry will respond.

Embracing An Electric Future

They also simplified checkouts and shelf restocking processes and equipment. Best of OWHealth We are a company of exceptional people who work exceptionally well in teams. Industry Automotive Surface Transportation.

As the largest market for autos on the planet — Are electric vehicles the future of the automotive industry? Best of OWHealth The one country that seems to be traveling in the opposite direction is the United States, although Germany in recent weeks has started backpedaling on the likelihood of diesel or IC bans. This year’s Health Innovation Journal features 12 perspectives on emerging industry roles,… https: Without a doubt they have been attracting a great deal of interest from founders, investors and incumbents.

What next year holds for AI, AR, self-driving cars and wearable tech https: Oliver Wyman Ideas App Oliver Wyman Ideas offers our most recent insights on issues of importance to senior business leaders.


Mobility The Quest for Smart Mobility

InsurTechs are here to stay; the toughest and best times for them are still to come. Automakers need a global timetable for phasing out internal-combustion engines. Journals Energy Journal Volume 3. We wanted to know how interested travelers are in smart mobility, how it might impact their travel choices, and who they would trust to develop smart mobility options.

Energy company economics are under attack. For example, by pulling together people from finance, human resources, sales, and other product-related departments, one retailer figured out how the company could operate with one-third fewer employees in its stores.

Energy Journal Volume 3

This year’s Health Innovation Journal features 12 inrorme on emerging industry roles,… https: How the automotive industry can successfully meet the challenges of the future. Oliver Wyman Ideas App Oliver Wyman Ideas offers our most recent insights on issues of importance to senior business leaders. What next year holds for AI, AR, self-driving cars and wearable tech https: An article on how the insurance industry will be rocked not just by fully autonomous vehicles but also by cars with many autonomous functions as they change the accident profile of drivers.

To accommodate frequent, fundamental changes to business models, leading retailers generally follow three principles that have been developed through trial and error, often in the midst of disruption.

The retailers left standing are those that figure out how to treat disruption as business-as-usual in an industry accustomed to slow, strategic planning. With bans in the biggest markets not starting before and some not untilcar manufacturers have been given much-needed time to switch over their current research and development budgets to EVs, retool their production plants for EVs, and launch more EV models—in the end probably a less expensive option than having ihforme find enough precious financial and talent resources to sustain both IC and electric vehicles over the long-term.


Winter Reception Jan Few industries are being disrupted as drastically as the retail industry.

Today, even long-established retailers are starting to set and deliver on selling strategies at wymn nearly real-time pace set by their online competitors. Check out our top infographics of the year!

As the next installment in our Mobility series, to gain a deeper understanding of these developments from a consumer perspective, Oliver Wyman surveyed 7, people in five countries China, US, France, Germany, and Italy about smart mobility.

Best of OWHealth In April, the Trump administration recommended weakening future fuel-efficiency standards for the first time since they were adopted inbut have been stymied so far by threats from California, 13 other densely populated states, and the District of Columbia that they would make their own rules if the administration proceeds.

Is the auto industry underestimating the challenges that are lying before it?

This site uses cookies to enhance your user experience. Over the past year, the gulf between invorme commodity traders and weaker players has been widening.