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J’ai clairement préféré les deux premiers tomes et je trouve que Paullina Simons aurait pu arrêter la saga après le deuxième tome. J’ai néanmoins trouvé. Results 1 – 11 of 11 Inoubliable Tatiana and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at : Inoubliable tatiana ():: Books.

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There are so many words to say about this series, however, after finishing the last book I am a little speechless.

: Inoubliable tatiana () : : Books

This book had a lot of surprises and more than I expected. Thank you Paullina Simons for taking us on this life-changing journey.

Lo sabes muy bien I started to get frustrated with the lack of balance. I’ve read another series in which tatiaba male lead cheated on the protagonist, when he kissed another girl while he was drunk.

Where did he go? Of course, they succeed, but not without its battle scars. You don’t realize it while you’re reading, but when you tqtiana it you feel like you have lived a thousand lives. Alexander is dealing with trauma from his time as a POW in Germany and it is getting in the way of happiness with Tatiana.

Some of it felt overly repetitious and filled with both unnecessary and unrelated passages in excess that just dragged the story to a slow grind in my opinion. This book continues to show their love for each other, but it also shows a lot of hurt and healing.

The sequel, Tatiana and Alexanderwas equally epic and maybe even better. I don’t remember thinking this in my first read, but in this re-read, I must certainly could have been happier with less.

And their love survives tstiana all and on a summer’s day in a war torn Russia they marry.


My soul felt like it aged fifty years and more as I brought The Summer Garden to a close. Both Tatiana and Alexander were tested in this book and in the end they really did come through, tears and all.

Inoubliable Tatiana

Have to thank Paullina Simons for writing this amazingly beautiful trilogy. It is unforgettable from the very start. For majority of the book, their ups and their downs were understandable.

This ttiana of inoublible was exactly what I was hoping to feel duri I can’t believe I’m feeling this way after re-reading this book, but I’m lowering my rating. She loved her work and loved helping other people all her life but even I felt as if she put her job before her family. With that, I have to cover some of the things I didn’t care for in the story and that is it’s uneccessary length.

But why couldn’t I feel the same for Alexander and Tatiana? Tahiana and try again. It’s much different than the first two because it spans over 60 years, but I personally liked the pacing.

I have to admit that I’m a little upset that we didn’t get the 4. There’s no going back from that no matter how much I wish I could. All of the books in this trilogy were so intense and captivating. But my worries proved to be in vain as I watched Alexander and Tania slowly rebuild their lives together. Because later, much laterthey change. I will forever remember these characters and I see myself reminiscing their stories in the future as if I had actually lived alongside them.

He’s tall, dark, and brooding, with an intense love for his Russian bride Tatiana. Her dream was put on hold as she learned English and overcame the shock of a new culture. But as much as it fired me up, it seemed like it went on too long.

But I binge read and stuck around for three books, I needed Alexander and Tatiana’s happy ending like I needed air. Their relationship had withstood far too much already and to add such sordid blemishes pained me. They saw June 22, This love story will stay with me forever, and I almost want to go back already, to were it all began. View all 5 comments.


Many of Paullina’s novels have reached international bestseller lists. The one thing that really struck me about this read was how much I want to read Anthony’s story. You know that through and through After graduating from university and after various jobs including working as a financial journalist and as a translator Paullina wrote her first novel Tully. We were expected to forgive and forget, but I couldn’t do that. Deixa-nos com um “sabor a pouco” na boca, fica desgarrado.

She has made me believe that happiness can be found after devastating sorrow. D Like I said before. Dopo aver amato amato AMATO Il cavaliere d’inverno clicca qui per leggere la mia recensione da 6 stelline mi ero completamente arenata con il secondo capitolo della trilogia, trovandolo troppo pesante soprattutto per via dell’immensa separazione dei protagonisti, che si rincontrano dopo la bellezza di pagine.

There is nothing that soothes him more than Tatiana A must read for all the hopeless romantic souls out there We get to see them how they face the after war life, how they try to find their place in the world, how they try to find their permanent home and grow some roots and how they deal with every day life The Bronze Horseman became my favorite book of all time. It was so painful to see their love put under glass.